Girl of my DreamsMature

Short satire looking at the true nature of human needs.

Girl of my Dreams

A girl is here as if from nowhere. She looks into my eyes and smiles. I begin talking to her. She is so pretty and could not be any more perfect for me. I know right away that I love her. I can sense she feels the same way to, this girl is the one. The girl is now lying next to me on the bed. I tell her I must go to the bathroom as I need to freshen up. I will be right back, I promise.

I rise from the bed and lurch toward the bathroom. Once in there I scramble with my pant zipper to troubleshoot this source of severe discomfort. I spurt toward the toilet bowl with a wild stream of urine whipping left to right. I am fighting desperately to bring this furious surge under control. I am imbued by a buldging bladder full of water. The fluid is swollen solid in my lower abdomen. The immense pressure produces a solid sparkling jet of hot Champagne bursting from the tiny aperture in the tip of my Penis. I endlessly urinate at one hundred pounds per square inch. I think to myself I have never peed for so long before in my whole entire life. I look up at the wall ahead listening to the frothing babble below. This really has to finish soon. I need to get back to that girl, she is out there waiting for me! I continue to urinate on and on with great intensity. I stand there legs astride with my teeth clenched, holding on and on and on.

The girl has now long gone. Gone from the room. Gone from my thoughts. I wake up desperate. I am bursting for a piss.

The End

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