Girl in the yellow dress

Your infatuations

She's wearing sunset colours

So you wait all summer for another time

Between the stars,a comet falls

Dreaming of that warm embrace,you go to sleep

Under the silver Galaxy,

That white coin,

In the black sky


Summer swims by

Winter melts and drips away

Suddenly cold white dust smudges your hair,

The road bends and your path strays away

Forget that city;

Forget that night

You have other things on your mind;

like dollar bills and sour drinks


Once again it's summer time

When your two-year-old makes a fuss;

and the missus clears way the mess


you slip away;

On the roof;

under the moon,

you close your eyes;

and  see her laughing by,

she tucks a strand behind her ear


A teardrop  rolls down your cheek,

trembling now,your knees feel weak;

And you realize;

She didn't give you anytime


The End

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