I smile back at the girl in the white dress, and walk to her table

As i get to the table, I turn once more to look towards the door, but it if firmly closed.  Alex has gone but my white dressed angel is here.  I turn to her, turning a full smile, only to find the seat empty.

momentarily confused, i look all around me to see if she's popped to the toilet or the juke box but she's gone.

"Excuse me" I call to the barman, "Did you see where she went?"

"Who?  Your missus?? Out the door, looks like you'rescrewed that one up mate, bit of a looker too!! Can see as you can be that picky myself!"

"No! Not her!  The girl who was sat here, golden hair, white dress, face of an angel??"

Its now the barman's turn to look confused as he smakes his head "No idea mate, didnt see anyone, certainly didnt serve her.  I'd have remembered the face of an angel" he laughs "got a thing for blondes myself to be sure!" and he turns and walks away.

Damn it!!  Alex is in a mood and it's gonna cost me a fortune in flowers to nmake it up to her, and my angel has gone away!  How did my night end here??

I wait a few minutes, then head towards the door.  As i step into the passage, i notice a picture frame i've never noticed before, a newspaper clipping and there she is, my angel reprinted in black and white, her smile forever captured. "LOCAL BEAUTY KILLED AT BEAUTY SPOT".  I read the headline and can't breathe.

The End

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