I snap back to reality, realize my girlfriend Alex is standing next to me and noticed my staring at this girl.

“Go ahead, go and flirt with her!”, my girl friend Alex’s words bring me back to Earth. Damn! Busted! Again! Why do I keep doing this? I have a wonderful girl in my life, who is a lot more than one can ask for, and yet, I can’t help ogling at the sight of beautiful women. 

Here I am, out on a date with my girlfriend, and all of a sudden, seeing this knockout beauty, I’m drooling at her shamelessly. You’ve got to admit, I say to myself with a half-smile, she does look stunning in that white dress and golden hair. Those hazel eyes - and those killer legs!

 “That’s it! I’m leaving! Enjoy your dinner!” angrily Alex gets up, puts on her jacket and walks away.

 “Wait Alex, please, I’m sorry!” I plead in vain, once again snapped back to reality.

It’s a wonder she has put up with me for so long. All right, she is leaving now. I’ve royally managed to screw up my date - once again.

I casually glance in the direction of the blond girl when I notice that she is smiling at me. “Hi!” she says, waving at me. I pinch myself. Did this insanely beautiful woman with a mesmerizing smile and curly golden hair just smile at this pathetic little me? I look behind to see if the “Hi” was directed at someone else. Nope. She looks at me again with a beaming smile, as if indicating that she was calling me.

I look at the door, feeling guilty. Alex has just stepped out. I’m perplexed.

The End

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