Chapter 12Mature

Rage. Rage. Rage… Nothing but anger. I was quivering with disgust and resentment as I gazed forward, not seeing anything. I saw Harry push away the mongrel Cho. He turned his gaze to me, but Cho didn’t seem to notice. She kept trying to kiss Harry more and more. He shoved her away, and started walking towards me, palms forward. He kept saying something but I didn’t hear. Like many times before my vision turned red, but not the haze like it had before, this time it completely clouded my vision. Harry turned his head towards Cho and screamed something at her. Tears filled her eyes, and she ran past me out the door. She was just lucky that I was so confused that I didn’t reach out and crush her head. Harry turned back to me and started talking again. It sounded like.

“Ginny. I am so sorry. I know this sounds so odd, but it was her. Not me…” He was saying something else, but I couldn’t understand… Everything went black. And the real me didn’t resurface. I crumpled in a heap on the floor, unable to move. I felt like strings were attached to every one of my limbs. I wasn’t in control of my body anymore, another part of me was. Without giving myself permission to, I stood, but didn’t stop. My feet barely grazed the floor.  I was lifted into the air, my arms spread as wide as they could. I could fell Harry’s terrified gaze on me as I rose, but I didn’t pay any attention. My brain was screaming at me to run. I could hear the scream in my head. Hear it echoing. Bouncing around my brain. Scaring me. But I couldn’t stop it. I was about twelve feet off the floor, before I fell with a crash – my bones?

I could feel Harry’s trembling fingers press down lightly on my wrists. I could hear him whimpering my name over and over. I wanted to reply. To ask what was going on…
My head whipped up, and caught his anxious gaze.  I thought looking at him would help, but it did everything but. I wanted him dead…

I stood up so quickly I didn’t know how it happened. I glared up at him, and reached into my cloak for my wand, but it wasn’t there. I knelt down, scrambled for a second, and found my wand on the cold stone floor. I looked up to see Harry, but he wasn’t there. The light in the room went out, and then turned back on, but not from the same place as before. I turned a full three sixty degree turn, and found Harry standing by the door that he had shut - and apparently locked since there was a huge steel lock keeping it bolted shut.

“Ginny?” He asked. I just carried on glaring, trying to stop myself. The Ginny part of myself told me this was stupid. What was going on? What was controlling me?

“Ginny? This isn’t you. Calm down…” he cut off as I raised my wand and pointed it at his face. My rational side ordered myself to lower my wand, but I couldn’t fight it. Without actually seeing it, Harry whacked his hand up so quickly and knocked the wand out of my hand. Without taking his eyes off me, he pointed his own wand at mine that was still bouncing across the floor, and said “Accio.” My wand shot into his open hand.

“Ginny. Calm down. Please. Concentrate. This isn’t you!” he begged. He reached out to put a hand on my shoulder, in response I hissed and took an automatic step back. He dropped his hand.

“GINNY! LISTEN TO ME” he shouted.  “Dumbledore.” He muttered. I hissed louder. I pointed at Harry. He looked confused for half a second before his face screwed up in pain and a blue zap flew out of my finger. Harry sank to the floor in a heap, and twitched uncontrollably. A hysterical giggle escaped my lips, but my brain was screaming at me still, and crying. The blue line of electricity turned red, and Harry screamed in pain.

“GINNY WEASLY!” yelled a familiar croaky voice that sent a new wave of rage wash through me. I looked over to see Dumbledore standing there with a terrified expression on his face. Harry’s scream went silent as I let my arm drop.

“Harry?” Dumbledore gasped, not taking his eyes off of me. “Phasmatis Abiungo” Dumbledore muttered. “Tom?”

“Dumbledore!” I growled in a tone that was unfamiliar to me.

“Tom Riddle?” Dumbledore said.

“Tom Riddle?” Harry said, standing up next to me, but backing away slowly towards Dumbledore. I hissed again, and pointed my hand towards Dumbledore.

“Dumbledore, her eyes!” Harry exclaimed. “Their red…”

My eyes were red? But… What did that mean?

“Avada Ked…” I growled, but was cut off.

“HARRY MOVE” Dumbledore yelled, pushing Harry to the side, before leaping out the way himself. I hissed louder than before, and looked around for Dumbledore and Harry, but I couldn’t see them. I frantically searched for them around the room. But I could only see the door.

Petrificus Totalus” Was yelled behind me. My arms and legs locked to my sides, and I collapsed onto the floor. Someone’s hand brushed my neck, which made me angrier than before. There was a quiet clinking sound, and something was taken from my neck. I shock my body, and my arms and legs were able to move again. I stood up quickly and looked over to Dumbledore and Harry. Harry was passing my purple necklace to Dumbledore, apparently they hadn’t noticed me standing up – no one is supposed to be able to get out of Petrificus Totalus without using the counter curse. I pointed towards them again and repeated “Avada Kedavra” But instead of the green jet of light that I had come to expect. The jet that did appear flew towards Harry, split in two so that one was aimed towards Dumbledore as well, but about three feet away from them, it ricocheted off some invisible force and disappeared in a shower of green sparks that vanished before they hit the floor.

Pello Pepulli” Dumbledore whispered twice. Then Harry and Dumbledore both said it together. “Pello Pepulli” A purple flash of light flew from the jewel and the chain and shot towards me. I stood still for half a second, before – once again – I collapsed in a heap on the floor… But part of me stayed standing. Above me, a boy in a black cloak, with crimson red eyes and sleek black hair stood over me, a smirk on his ghostly white face.

“Ah. Dumbledore and Harry Potter. All in the same room. Brilliant. This couldn’t have worked out better. And with every one of the witches and wizards that you are accommodating in this dump, are fast asleep. Brilliant.”

“Hello Tom.” Dumbledore said.

“Didn’t expect me. Did you Albus?”

“I certainly did not.”

“Ah. The unprepared man. So weak and easily dealt with.” He said, smiling wider. “Wand” He ordered, and my wand flew from Harry’s back pocket into his awaiting claw.

“It’s foolish for you to come here Tom. There are aura’s coming.”

“By which time, you won’t be here Dumbledore.”

“Harry?” I croaked.

“Ah. Ginny Weasly.” Tom Riddle said, turning to look at me on the floor.

“Harry?” I repeated, refusing to look at Tom Riddle’s face. This was not the face that Harry and I saw in Hogsmead, but it was just as bad. It was Voldermort’s younger self. The one from the Chamber of Secrets. The one whose book had made me do a series of terrible things.

“Ginny, Ginny, Ginny. So we meet again.” Tom said. “Such a stupid child. So easy to control, as I have done. As you know.” He pulled his leg back, and whacked it forward into my stomach. I screamed in pain.

“Flagrate” Tom said quietly, pointing his wand at Harry – who was running towards Tom. The words ‘The boy who lived’ were spelt out across Harry’s chest in burns, and he stumbled back in pain.

“Familiar Ginny? Yes. I know. I spelt out my name the last time we met. And do you remember this?” He pointed his finger at me, and a blue flash of electricity zoomed out of his finger nail and flew into my chest, where Riddle had kicked me. I screeched out in pain again, as I was electrocuted. “Yes Ginny. This is the spell you cast on Harry!” He continued zapping me.

“HARRY!” I screamed and I closed my eyes. I suddenly felt boiling hot. I opened my eyes to see flames spark around me, and knock Tom off his feet. I looked over to see Dumbledore waving his arm around his head, flames flying out. Someone grabbed my arm, and lifted me off the floor. He dragged me towards one of the walls, and we turned to see a battle. Tom Riddle was casting jets of rainbow lights out of his wand, while Dumbledore deflected them, making Voldermort dodge them.

“Ginny. Are you alright?” Harry murmured. Looking at me from the corner of his eye.

“Yes. I am so sorry Harry. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. It wasn’t me. I couldn’t…” I couldn’t finish. Tears clouded my gaze; I wiped them away with the back of my hand.

“Ginny. Don’t worry. I know it wasn’t you…” He didn’t finish. He was cut off by Voldermort yelling “Avada Kedavra”

“NOOOO” Harry screamed, leaping in between the green jet of light and Dumbledore and yelled “Expelliarmus” The red stream of light hit the emerald fountain of sparks with a colossal bang before both spells exploded.

“Harry. I’m sorry. I didn’t say hello.” Riddle said with a mocking grin on his face. Harry completely ignored him, and kept his wand up.

“Harry. Get out of the way!” Dumbledore ordered.

“Shut up old man. You hold half the interest to me as Harry does!”

“Tom don’t be so foolish. End this now.” Dumbledore said.

“Avada Kedavra” Tom said. Everything happened very quickly then. I had to rethink it all to get to grips with it. It seemed that the unforgivable curse shot towards Harry, but before it could hit him, Dumbledore cast a spell that sounded like “Deprimo” That made a strong gust of wind throw Harry out of the way. But the curse was still coming at Dumbledore. But just before it could kill Dumbledore, Regis (Dumbledore’s new Phoenix) flew in between them and burst into flames when it collided with the spell. Ash fell to the floor in a small heap.

“Harry. Ginny. RUN!” Dumbledore screamed. I couldn’t move, but Harry dragged me out the room, while Dumbledore and Tom Riddle’s duel continued behind us. He pulled me out through the court yard, and into the grounds.

“Harry. What about everyone else?”

“They’re pretty much all gone, or leaving. Dumbledore told me that if he had the slightest feeling that Riddle was coming, that he would evacuate everyone. I think we are the only people left here.”

“Oh. That’s… Good… I guess.” I was relieved that my brothers were out. That they were safe. Or so I thought…

“GINNY! HARRY” seven voices screamed. Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Luna, Hagrid and Nevel called, running towards us from the forest. I saw flashed of light flying from the castle behind Harry and me.

“What are you doing here?” I yelled.

“Trying to help you guys out. What do you think?”

“You should have gone!” I said, disapproving.

“Yeah right. We’re all in this together.”

“Yep. Couldn’t leave our little sis all alone to face Voldermort!” Fred and George said, ruffling my hair. Completely realized as usual under the tense and dangerous circumstances.

“Hiya Harry. You doing alright?” Hagrid said.

“Uh. Okay. I guess. Under the circumstances.” Harry said.

“So what are you ALL doing here?” I asked.

“Reinforcements.” Ron said simply.


“Shh Ginny.” Harry said, clutching his hand over my mouth.

“We need to help Ginny. And you can’t stop us!” Hermione said.

I tried to complain again against Harry’s hand to no avail.

“HUH! Harry what happened to your chest?” Nevel squealed.

“I’ll explain everything later. We need to help Dumbledore!” Harry said.

“They’re coming out. Wands everybody.” Hagrid called. The sparks from the castle got closer and closer and bigger and bigger.

“Prepare yourself everybody.” Harry muttered.

We all stayed very quiet as we watched the young Tom Riddle and the old wrinkled face Dumbledore circle each other, sparks flying around them, but kept getting deflected before it hit either of them. We could almost make out the spells that they were uttering. They came towards us quite quickly. The rainbow sparks showered above them, and lit up the castle. They circled towards us, until they were less than fifty feet away… That’s when we joined in. We ran forward, our wands raised, and cast spells as well. Flames lit up the grass around us, caging us in. We set jets of light at him again and again, but they never hit. An almighty roar came from the forest behind us, but we didn’t turn to see what was going on there. Dumbledore cast waves of water around, that smashed into Tom and sent him flying through the distinguished flames. Tom Riddle levitated off the ground, before he hit the grass.

“Hmmm… Looks like I need some reinforcements.” Tom said. He looked behind him, as our spells ceased. Four smoky grey pillars of smoke blew over the castle and landed two either side of Tom Riddle.  The horrifying faces of Belatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, Lucius Malfoy and Peter Pettigrew stared back at us, their wands raised for battle. And if that wasn’t enough… A coal black smoke pipe blew over last, making Tom Riddle move so that this last figure could take center stage.


The old Voldermort - the one from my nightmares. The one Harry has faced time and time again before… Standing twenty feet in front of me. I gasped – and was not the only one. All of our side gasped in turn.

“Ahahaha” Belatrix cackled.  “All of Harry Potter’s pathetic friends. Even little Nevel. Haven’t seen your parents lately boy. How are they?” Nevel tensed next to me, and his nostrils flared.

“Now now Belatrix. Don’t be nasty to the little children.” Luscious Malfoy said.

“Silence” Voldermort and Tom Riddle said together, in perfect unison. “It looks like your outnumbered Harry Potter.”

“We’ll still fight.” Harry said bravely.

“Good. It’s no good beating an opponent who forfeits.

“We have our own army though Tom.” Dumbledore said.

“Of children Dumbledore. They are no match for us. It will hardly be any fun.” Belatrix screeched.

“How wrong you are Belatrix.” Dumbledore murmured, as Tonks, Mad Eye Moody, Sirius, Dad, Mum, Loupin, Mundungus Fletcher, Kingsly Shackelbolt and Charlie appeared around us. With their wands raised as well. Unlike us, they seemed unsurprised at the group waiting to overthrow us.

“Ah Dumbledore. The order of the phoenix.” The two Voldermort’s growled. “How nice of you to all join us.” He sounded like he thought the complete opposite.

“Expelliarmus.” Fenrir Greyback exclaimed at Harry, just as Harry said “Protago” But Fenrir jumped out the way. Then, the battle began again. 

Mum, Dad, Fred and George were fighting Fenrir. Whilst Charlie, Nevel, Loupin and Tonks took on Belatrix. Luna, Mad Eye Moody and Kingsly Shackelbolt dueled against Peter Pettigrew. Mundungus Fletcher, Hermione and I battled Luscious. And Dumbledore, Harry, Sirius, and Ron fought the two Voldermort’s…
 And they were about to lose…

The grounds were filled with sparks of multi coloured lights like fireworks. From far away this scene proberly looked very pretty, and inviting. But down here. This scene was deadly.  I was so tied up with my own fight, that I didn’t notice when seven other bodies appeared around me. Enemies or allies? I couldn’t tell. I heard gasps around me. Who had been lost? Theirs or ours?

I heard an almighty roar around me, and I suddenly felt boiling hot all over again. Something came towards our group, and it made the earth shake under my feet. I turned for the first time, and I noticed the people who had joined us before. Luckily they were friends. Well, teachers in this case. There was McGonagall, Flitwick, Professor Sprout, Professor Peaks, Mrs. Prince, Madame Hooch and Mrs. Trelawney. They had all joined the fights.

My gaze was obscured by the animal causing the entire disturbance on both sides. Norbert’s gigantic figure was charging towards us, breathing flames all over the Death eaters. Their gaze was terrified as they stared at the dragon rounding on them.

“RIDUCTO!” Dumbledore yelled, pointing at Voldermort’s wand which exploded into a million pieces, and Tom Riddle immediately disappeared. Voldermort looked around, as if expecting Tom to come back. Then he to disappeared in a gust of black smoke. Quickly followed by his death eaters and we were all alone in the grounds, and everything was silent.

“Is it over?” Nevel asked.

“Yes. I think it is. For now Nevel.”

It was silent for two heartbeats, and then our cheering erupted. Mum and Dad – the closest to me, grabbed me, and clutched me close to them. All of our side were embracing and clapping each other on the back. Like Dumbledore said. It was over. For now.


“I don’t understand though Dumbledore.” I asked. Harry, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Charlie and I were in Dumbledore’s office. The rest of the school had come back, and were continuing as normal around the school. The people from Hogsmead had gone back to their shops with a new sense of security that they didn’t have before.

“What don’t you get Miss Weasly?” Dumbledore asked.

“What happened? I was me, but… Not me. I was evil. I tortured Harry.” I flinched at the memory, and Harry rubbed my shoulder reassuringly.

“Of course it wasn’t you Miss Weasly. You were possessed, by Tom Riddle. It seems, that when Harry destroyed Tom’s book in the Chamber of Secrets, the spirit escaped into you. And it was waiting for something to set it off. And obviously. You were very upset, and it completely took you over.”

“So for the past two years, it’s been building up inside of me?”

“Precisely.” Dumbledore said.

“That reminds me. Harry? How did you get the scar on your chest?” Hermione asked, pointing to the letters ‘The boy who lived’ that were burned onto his chest.

“Voldermort… The younger one. He was sadistic… Well… Even more sadistic than usual. He hurt Ginny worse though.”

“Ginny? Are you alright?” Hermione asked.

“Yes. Harry. I am SO sorry. I didn’t mean to… You understand that though, don’t you?”

“Of course Ginny.” Harry reassured me.

“How did Tom Riddle come out of me though. I don’t get it.” I asked Dumbledore.

“You know that necklace you were wearing.” Dumbledore said, pointing to my necklace on his desk. “It is a Phasmatis Abiungo. Which means ‘Soul Separator’. I recognized it, and then Harry and I cast the spell that goes along with it. And… Well… He came out.” Dumbledore explained.

“Yeah Ginny. What are you doing going into my safe. I found that years ago. Never was sure what it was. So I kept it there.” Charlie said, coming to my side.

“Well. Its been a very long day for everyone. I think we should all go to our house common rooms, and try to calm down.” Dumbledore suggested.

“Okay. Come on Ginny.” Harry said, clasping my hand, and trying to lead me out the door.

“Wait.” I said. I turned back to Dumbledore. “I need to ask one more.”

“Go ahead Miss Weasly.” Dumbledore said, curiously.

“Well. When Harry and I were in Hogsmead… When we first saw…” I gulped. “Voldermort.” It was even harder to say his name now I had fought against him. “I felt… a pull… towards him… It was… odd. And I don’t know what it was.”

“Ah. I was wondering earlier if you had experienced that. It’s interesting. Since the Tom Riddle that had infested you was a horcrux, then it is connected to Voldermort in a way. Since it is part of him. When the horcrux is near the creator, they try to stick to them… to reattach themselves to the beginning person.  I’m surprised Voldermort stood so close to Tom, they may have reattached… It was dangerous. Voldermort could have joined together with Tom… But… It’s a risk they were taking so that they could try to kill us all.” He grimaced.

“Thank you Dumbledore. For everything.”

“Don’t worry Miss Weasly.”

Then Harry pulled me out of the door after Fred and George had already left. Hagrid met us halfway to the common room.

“Hiya Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Charlie.”

“Hey Hagrid. I wanted to say, that I can take Norbert off your hands again. If that is alright?” Charlie said.

“Of course Charlie. He’ll be happier with others of his kind. As long as I can visit him.”

“Defiantly. It will be good seeing you again. Shall I come with you to see him?”

“’Kay.” Charlie and Hagrid went off the way we had just come. I could see Charlie and Hagrid becoming great friends. They both had strong interest in all magical creatures. Ron and Hermione went straight to the common room, and we were following ten feet behind them. Hermione and Ron disappeared through the fat lady portrait, I was about to follow behind them but Harry swung me around.

“Hang on Ginny. I need to explain something.”

“Okay…” I asked. A skeptical expression on my face.

“What you saw. With Cho. That wasn’t my fault. I know that that’s what everybody would say under the circumstances. But it’s true. Cho sent one of her friends to tell Nevel that she was in trouble. I was stupid and gullible and went along and went to where she was. In that classroom. I had to make sure she was alright. Well not so much that. I had to make sure Voldermort wasn’t there. Then, as I got in the room, she… Pounced on me, and I was taken by surprise. And that’s when you came in… Cho doesn’t hold a thousandth of the attraction you hold for me.”

I was in total shock. His face was an inch away from mine.

“Do you believe me Ginny? I am so sorry. I understand if you don’t… It’s a feeble excuse.”

“Of course I believe you Harry.” I said.

“Alright then. Thank you for being there today.”

“What? Torturing you? Your saying thank you?”

“Ginny. It wasn’t you. It was Voldermort. You did NOTHING. Your too sweet for that.” I smiled timidly.

“I love you Ginny.”

“I love you too Harry.” And he leaned in finally, for our first kiss…


The End

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