Chapter 7Mature

“Hey Ginny.” Said Josie and Ben Frankfield in unison, as they looked up at me from the Hufflepuff table. They stood up, Josie hugged me gently, but Ben lifted me into a huge bear hug that felt like it broke my ribs.

“Can’t… I can’t breathe Ben. Let go” I breathed. Ben placed me back on the floor, a smirk on his face.

“How was your holiday then?”  I gasped, still regaining my breath.

“Good. We went to Barbados with our parents to see our big sister Lily.” Josie said.

“Yeah. Josie here fainted after we landed from the port key” Ben said, nudging his sister in the ribs. She glared back at him, with such disgust in her eyes, like she would punch him if teachers weren’t only a couple of meters in front of her.

 “Ginny!” Amanda yelled, getting up from the Ravenclaw table. Her little brunette hair bob bounced as she skipped towards me. She was closely flanked by her two best friends Carly and Tia. They glowered at me, my face was perfectly calm as I stared back at them. They hated me for being friends with Harry.

I sat down opposite Hannah, and in-between Mary and Louise. I piled my plate up with chicken, potatoes, peas, runner beans, gravy, yorkshire puddings and other delicious food. I finished my food, completely clearing my plate. I looked up the table to find Harry looking back at me. I smiled at him, before his face was hidden behind a three foot pile of profiteroles. I was surrounded by the most mouth watering deserts ever. There were doughnuts, triple chocolate fudge cake, brownies, Victoria sponge and steamed pudding, draped with golden syrup. The usual chatter carried on around me, I occasionally answered with a nod, or a short comment, but my eyes were locked on the table. Not allowing myself to stare into the eyes that were focused on my neck, the ones I had injured on the train. I knew Draco Malfoy wanted revenge, and I knew he would stop at nothing to seek it…


I walked up the grand staircase, not feeling tired at all, but I wanted to go with Harry, Ron and Hermione down to Hagrid’s hut. I followed the three of them up the stairs, which I still found un-nerving, since no one could ever know where they would lead you to. Half the time you had to guess. Luckily Harry, after all the times he has sneaked out of the dormitory to search the castle, knew pretty much where to go. He called
‘Liquorish Wand’ at the familiar fat lady, she opened the door to reveal the small passage way that led to the Gryffindor Common Room. Hermione and I left Harry and Ron at the staircase, when we broke off to go into the girls dormitory to collect out waterproof jackets and boots.

“Ginny?” Hermione called over her trunk lid.

“Yes” I answered.

“Are you…?”

“Am I what?” I prompted.

“Are you and Harry secretly dating?” she said hurriedly, before looking down into her trunk again.

“No” I answered simply, I copied her action by looking into my trunk as well. It was silent for a long time.

“Why would you think we are..” I asked curiously.

“Just… General wonderment…. He likes you, you know” This particular comment shocked me, I slammed the trunk lid down, narrowly missing my finger tips.

“WHAT?” I said sternly back to her. Hermione’s face was shocked, and half scared as I walked towards her, frustrated. How did she know this?
“WHAT?” I asked again.

“Well… Ron said he did…. I don’t know. I will ask him later if you want.”

“Really? What exactly did he say to Ron?”

“Umm… I don’t know exactly.”

“OKAY. A brief version”

“Something about, he LIKES you… And Ron wasn’t happy. Ron was obviously annoyed. But I think he’s okay with it now.”

“Yeah. Ask him later.” I said. Trying to sound uninterested again.

“Alright.” Hermione said, taking her willies out of her trunk. She put them on, and I put on mine. I grabbed my parka jacket, and followed her back downstairs. Ron and Harry were talking to each other quietly, and they stopped suddenly, and turned to stare at us as we came into their view. We walked to the Grand Hall, and out the huge wooden door silently. We started talking again when we were a little closer to Hagrid’s small hut.

“Do you guys think Hagrid will offer us those rock cakes…. Because, well, I can’t refuse them, but my body cannot digest them at all. Their actually rocks!” Hermione asked, looking at Ron.

“He proberly will have something to eat. Hopefully not those cakes. Because like you said they are actually rocks. No cake involved.” We all chuckled when Ron said that.

“Shh. Hagrid might hear you Ron. Don’t be too nasty to him. He means well” I said, slightly scowling at him. We walked further down the wet path, till we reached Hagrid’s door. Ron knocked heavily on the door, on the second knock, Hagrid’s great big hand pulled open the door.

“’ello Harry, Hermione, Ron, oh. And of course Ginny!” Hagrid’s familiar rough voice bellowed, and echoed around the school grounds.

“Hello Hagrid” We said in unison.

“How are ya lot?”

“Good, yeah. Thanks Hagrid. Yourself?” Harry said, a smile on his face.

“I’m alright” He said. “Come on inside all of you. You’ll freeze out there, there’s a storm coming” We all clambered inside the small cabin. There was the familiar smell of Hagrid’s cooking wafted up my nose.

“Hope they’re not rock cakes” Ron whispered to us, so Hagrid couldn’t hear.

“What are you cooking Hagrid?” Hermione asked, in answer to Ron’s comment.

“Rock Cakes. Would you like one?”

“Wishful thinking I guess” Ron muttered.


As we walked back up the path, narrowly avoiding Malfoy as he came up behind us, we walked into the courtyard. Fred and George were still selling their skiving snack boxes. It was getting very late, and Hagrid had been right about the storm. Thunder rumbled above our heads, and lightning flashed shockingly. Ron and Hermione were talking to each other quietly, Harry and I walked a few meters back from them. Harry’s hand slipped gently into mine, I flinched a little at the cold of his fingers, but I suppose my hands weren’t warm either. Ron looked around, and turned his nose up as his eyes wandered to our linked hands. He swiftly turned his head back around to look in front of him. I blushed bright red as I remembered the look of disgust on his face. Harry chuckled quietly next to me at Ron’s expression.

“Oi , a mud blood and TWO blood-traitors. Ugh. And Potter. There’s a repulsive sight you don’t see every day, Right Crab?”

Crab and Goil grunted behind us. I turned to look at them; they were all smirking at us. Malfoy in the middle, being flanked by his two large best friends. I let Harry’s hand drop out of mine, and pulled my wand out from under my jacket. I gripped the handle tightly, and slowly pointed the tip at Malfoy.

“Calm down Ginny. Don’t let him get to you” Harry softly whispered in my ear.

“This is for the train!” Malfoy yelled. “INCARSARUS” Thousands of thick ropes flew out of Malfoy’s wand and zoomed forward in my direction. I stood my ground, ready to watch a fight break out, but before I could blink, Harry’s hand pushed hard against my waist. I slid across the stone on my back to the wall on the right. Harry now had his wand out, he was firing red streams of light over into Malfoy’s direction. Crab and Goil joined in now, their magic was very basic, but they seemed to hit Harry, but he showed no reaction. Hermione whipped out her wand, and Ron did the same. Bursts of light flashed and lit up the entire court yard.
“LEVICORPUS” yelled two familiar voices from behind Harry, Ron and Hermione.  Fred and George came running up, firing purple rays of light at Malfoy, Crab and Goil’s hanging bodies. They were screaming as they couldn’t get down, they were hung up by invisible ropes by their feet. Their faces were red as the blood ran to their head. Fred and George’s familiar laughter sounded as they gloated their victory to Malfoy. Fred and George looked at each other, nodded then raised their wands again.
“Jellyting” they called out. A single ray of blue light fired at Malfoy, Goil and Crab. They fell onto the cold stone floor, scrambled around trying to pick up their wants to continue the fights, but they were incapable. Their fingers were literally like jelly, like the bones had been entirely removed, the fingers drooped sadly down.  They still crawled around helplessly. Harry reached out his hand to me again, I took it and stood up.

“Are you okay Ginny. I am so sorry that I pushed you, it’s just I saw that he was going to cast a spell at you, and I didn’t want it to hit you…”

“Harry. I’m fine. Thank you. Even though I would have liked to cast a spell at him.” I turned to glare at Malfoy, and then looked back at Harry with softer eyes.

Fred and George loudly cleared their throats. “You’re welcome by the way” Fred said.

“Yeah. Thanks. A lot. I owe you both one” Ron said, putting his wand back in his pocket.

“What are we going to do with, them” I said, tilting my head in Malfoy’s direction.

“Leave them, that’s my answer” Ron said, glowering at them.

“Sounds good to me” I said, taking Harry’s hand in mine, and lead him away.

“What!” Fred loudly whispered to Ron and Hermione. “Are they going out… That’s new”

“No they’re not going out… yet” Ron said in a malicious voice. I turned to glare at him. A reddish haze appeared around him, this shouldn’t have bothered me as much as it did.

“Calm down Ginny” Ron said, a half grin on his face. The red haze got deeper and deeper red, everything around him disappeared, except for him.

“Ginny where are we going?” Harry said, breaking my focus on Ron. He didn’t seem to have heard Ron and Fred’s exchange of words.

“Don’t mind, Just so long as we’re away from Malfoy.”


“I hate him”

“Join the club.”

“Join it. I’m basically the founder.” Harry chuckled next to me, I joined in laughing as well.


“Then what happened?” Hannah said eagerly. Sitting on the edge of her bed, her head in her hands.

“Nothing really. We just talked for ages, laughed. Gossiped, hugged, and just… things like that!”

“Are you going out with him now then?” Louise said.

“Not properly. We’re close...”

I was cut off by Hannah saying; “DID YOU KISS HIM?”

“NO! I would have said”

“You’re so lucky Ginny. I wish I was you sometimes” said Danielle, sitting on the opposite side of the room. She was carefully brushing her long blonde hair, staring in the full length mirror.

“Me too Ginny” Mary said.

“Me three” Louise said.

There as a knock at the dormitory door.

“Yes.” I called towards the door. Daisy Timber, a girl in the year above me, walked through the door slowly; She had a huge grin on her face. “Everyone, can you please leave. I want to talk to Ginny privately”

“Why don’t you talk to her in the common room?” Louise snapped at Daisy.

“Because loads of people are down there, I said privately, not with other people around!” Daisy yelled back.

“But this is our room…”

“FINE!” Daisy yelled. Her face red with anger, everyone hates Daisy. “Ginny. Please come with me” I reluctantly got up and followed her out the dormitory, out the door, and up two flights of stairs. She began going up another flight, when she suddenly turned on the third step, forcing me to step back. This particular stair case was stationary, unlike the other moving ones. “We’re almost there Ginny.” She turned back around, and stormed up the stairs.

“Where exactly are we going Daisy.” She was silent, and avoided my question. She continued down a corridor, and through a wooden door, into a small room, that looked like an abandoned classroom. She shut the door after me, and turned to glower at me.

“Right Ginny” she said sternly. “I hear your dating Harry”

“No. I’m not dating him… We’re just really good friends”

“NOT WHAT I HEAR!” She yelled in my face.

“Daisy, trust me. We aren’t dating. I promise”

“Well. DON’T even think about dating him. It’s a big castle… Accidents happen”

“What you love Harry?”

“Just don’t date him. Swear on it.”

“I’m not swearing about anything, or promising.”

“I would think about that if I were you.” She swiftly turned on her heels, and walked out the room. Her black hair whipped around the door, and she left.

I glared at the place where she had left. I walked out of the door after her. I was insanely angry with her. How DARE she tell me not to date Harry. She had no chance with him anyway. Next time I see her, I will duel her. That should be fun!

The End

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