Chapter 6Mature

There was total uproar in the Great Hall, as Professor McGonagall carried a shabby hat, and led a line of terrified looking children between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables.  The first years stood in a large group at the front of the room, in front of the staff Table. Professor McGonagall placed the old hat onto a stool, pulled her wand out from her cloak, pointed it into the air, and a long piece of parchment materialized out of nothing. The first years gasped, some of them obviously haven’t seen much magic… She pushed her thin glasses down her nose, and stared at the list.

I was staring at Professor McGonagall, so I didn’t realize who was talking, it made me jump when someone started singing the familiar tune.

“Years and years and years ago,
With their one shared dream decided,
The Hogwarts founders came together,
Not knowing they’d be divided,
They made the four great houses,
And gave them specific meaning,
Still staying best friends,
Not knowing one was scheming,
Godric made great Gryffindor,
For the brave and with a strong heart,
Rowena made skilled Ravenclaw,
For the beautiful and smart,
Salazar made cunning Slytherin,
For the intelligent and sometimes the best,
Helga made simple Hufflepuff,
And took in all the rest,

“But this wasn’t good enough,
In sneaky Salazar’s mind,
He thought Hogwarts should be kept for Pure Bloods,
And that they should leave the rest behind,
He wanted this dream to come true,
He talked to the other three,
They talked for days, They talked for nights,
But they couldn’t all agree,
He left the trio all alone,
To keep the school together,
He was never seen ever again,
But his memory will live on forever,
That is the whole story,
You need to know no more,
Just remember the noble house founders,
The trio that was once a four…”

There was a round of applause from the tables, but the first years looked just as nervous as they did before.

“Melanie Albert” Professor McGonagall called to the first years. A chubby ginger haired girl, with thick plaits pushed through the crowd, and sat on the stall. Professor McGonagall placed the hat onto Melanie’s head. It slid straight down over her eyes.

“RAVENCLAW” it yelled. There were huge applause from the Ravenclaw table, as the girl went and sat on the bench.

“Amy Bell” Professor McGonagall said. A thin pale girl, with long blonde hair sat confidently on the  stool, gazing into the crowds. She looked at our table, scanned it, then fixed her eyes on Harry. An evil smile crept onto her face.

“SLYTHERIN” The hat said before it had barely touched her hair.

“Michael Gregg” said Professor McGonagall. A really fat boy, with shortish brown hair climbed onto the stool.

“HUFFLEPUFF” The hat said after a while.

“Jeremy Howard”


The whole table, including me, stood up, smacking our hands together and cheering. The rest of the first years were:  Jack Johnson who went to Slytherin, Olivia Knight she was placed in Ravenclaw, Rosie Munn she came to Gryffindor, Timothy Price he went to Hufflepuff,
Wendy Russfield who came to Gryffindor and Oliver Vidler, who went to Ravenclaw.

Professor McGonagall took the hat and the stool and sat down in-between Professor Trelawney and Snape. There was a wave of noise, people talking to the new house members, but as soon as Dumbledore stood up, there was total silence in the Hall. Although he was an old man, Dumbledore always had a spring in his step. He had several feet of long grey hair, and a long beard. He had half moon spectacles balancing on the tip of his nose. 

“Another year has dawned at Hogwarts. And we must, as many of you have, welcome our new students. And the old ones.” He cleared his throat and carried on. “Before we start eating our magnificent feast, I have a few things to say. We have one new member of staff. Please welcome Professor Andros Peaks.” Everyone clapped as we all stared at the man sitting between Professor Sprout and Hagrid. He stood up as Dumbledore gestured to him with an outstretched arm. Professor Peaks was a very attractive man, wearing long blue robes, he had blonde hair, green eyes, and big eyebrows. All the girls ‘owed’ and ‘aared’ at him, I even stared at him for ages. He had a beaming perfect smile on his face, looking around the hall. He sat down again as Dumbledore spoke. “He will be teaching you all Defense against the Dark Arts this year. I hope this year is full of happiness, friendships and joy. As usual Mr. Filtch asks that you do not enter the Forbidden Forest, or try to swim in the Black Lake. Pupils, every new year, brings new challenges that you must overcome… And to do so, you must study hard, keep your head in those books, and stick at it. Now, let’s eat!”

He sat down once again, and the feast appeared. The food was always spectacular; there was broccoli, roast potatoes, chicken, turkey, peas, steak, chips, yorkshire puddings, gravy, roast vegetables, lamb, fish, pumpkin juice, butter bear and so much more.  Everyone piled their plates up, and stuffed it all down. Everything was always cooked perfectly. The potatoes were nice and crispy, the chicken was moist, and everything was completely spectacular. When everyone’s plates were cleared Dumbledore snapped his fingers, and desert appeared. As if I wasn’t completely full, there was more. I still ate some though. There was sticky toffee pudding, lemon meringue pie, chocolate fudge cake, crème brule and lots more.  I had a HUGE slice of strawberry cheesecake. It was delicious, it had a digestive base, a thick yet light crème cheese filling, topped with sweet raspberry coolie…


The next morning I woke up again by a flash of green light. As I opened my eyes, for a couple of seconds I wondered where I was. I was lying in a four poster bed, with pink drapes around it. There were four other people in the room, Hannah, Louise, Mary and Rosie; they were all fast asleep, Hannah snores echoed loudly around the room. They were all tucked into four poster beds as well, with the same pink drapes hanging around the edges of the frame. I wiped my eyes, and stretched out my arms high above my head. I swung my legs out of bed and slowly stood up. I put on my fluffy purple slippers and walked down the stairs into the common room.

“Sirius. Where did you go” said a voice from the other side of the room.

“Harry?” I said. The person crouching by the fire turned sharply around.

“Oh. Hi Ginny….”

“Harry, what where you doing?”



“I was talking to Sirius”

“Was he here? Did he use flu powder?”

“No, he comes through the fire!”

“What. How?”

“I don’t really know!”

“Oh… Okay” It was silent and awkward in the room, until.

“Harry… Harry?” Ron came stumbling downstairs, putting on his dressing gown.

“Ron. What is it?” Harry said when Ron had come to the bottom of the stone steps.

“Ginny. Why are you up so early?”

“I could say the same thing” I said, glaring at him.

“Ron. What is it?” said Harry breaking up the argument.

“Oh. Well, Hedwig flew through the window with this” Ron passed a scruffy bit of parchment to Harry.

“What does it say?” I asked. Harry opened it carefully, and read it, his eyes zooming from left to right.

“Harry. What does it say?” I asked again.

“It’s Hagrid!”

“What does it say” I asked once again!

“Dear Harry, Since I know you don’t have any lessons today, I was wondering if you, Ron and of course Hermione would come down to my house at lunch. From Hagrid”

“Oh Okay”

“He made a lot of spelling mistakes though”

“Did he…? Shocking” said Ron

“Yeah, unless Harry can be spelt H-A-R-R-I-E!”

In twenty minutes, everyone was in the common room! Chatting, stoking the fireplace, and laughing. Fred and George were circling the room with their early selling plans, holding their Skiving Snack Boxes, selling them to easily led first years… And Nevel Longbottom.

Hannah, Mary, Louise and I were huddled around the fire place in the comfy red armchairs that squeaked every time we made the slightest movement. Ron, Hermione and Harry were sitting around the wizard chess board. Ron was obviously going to beet Harry, but I guess Ron either liked to humor him with a game, or Ron would play Harry so he could continually beat him and gloat about it afterwards. I kept turning to look at Harry, hoping he would come over and talk to me, he didn’t look once whilst playing Ron at chess. I could see frustration lines deepen in his forehead as he continually focused on the chess board, as Ron destroyed his chess piece.

“So, what did you do in the holidays Mary?” Louise asked. My head jerked around, as if Louise had been talking to me. I had forgotten my friends around me since I was memorizing Harry’s face, over and over again.

“Nothing much. I went to Turkey with Mum, then to Devon with my Dad, and his girlfriend… I had half a mind to zap her with some kind of spell. Just how she talks to him, its’ infuriating, and sounds like she owns him, she just orders him around. Ugh.” She made a disgusted noise, and then went back to playing snap with Hannah.

“What about you Hannah?” Louise questioned. Ignoring Mary’s angry murmuring about her father’s girlfriend.

“Nothing, apart from staying at Ginny’s for a couple of nights” Hannah answered.

“Yeah. That was fun wasn’t it Hannah” I said, still looking at Harry. We were all silent for a long time. I was looking in ore at Harry and Ron reassemble the chess pieces.

“SNAP” Screamed Mary. I leapt out of my seat and gasped. I looked around, everyone else had the same reaction, they were staring at Mary, who was now standing, and holding the card pile in her hands above her head. She went bright red as she scanned the room in shock, not realizing that the whole common room had gone quiet. She slowly sat back down on the floor, burying her head in her arms. I lowered myself  back into my seat, focusing my eyes on the flames, whipping around and around the logs in the grate. My eyes suddenly felt very heavy. They were drooping more and more, they closed every so often, until they entirely shut.

Suddenly I was running through a dimly lit room, I could only see blackness in front of me, there were lights on the walls, which switched on as I ran past. There was a ticking noise behind me; I suddenly noticed there was someone’s heavy breathing beside me. But I knew I wasn’t running from them, I was running from someone who was chasing the two of us. The person behind us was only walking; we didn’t need to run very fast. But without even turning around, I knew that he was the most terrifying sight I would ever see. In front of me, I saw a brick wall straight ahead of me. A dead end…
I reached the wall in seconds, I turned, my back to the cold hard stone. A clocked figure crept slowly towards me, and the person next to me. I didn’t turn to see who was next to me, my eyes were focused on the white face, that stood out against the black. They reached a hand out towards me, he was close enough to touch me when suddenly…

“Ginny?” I flinched as a hand stroked my cheek. Everything around me was blurry, I blinked quickly, and stretched my arms and legs. My eyes focused on Harry’s face. His hand still brushing my cheek. “Ginny. Are you okay?”

“What time is it?” I asked, without answering his question.

“Three. You must have been very tired” He said, a crooked smile on his face. I looked around the now deserted common room.

“Oh gosh. Has everyone gone to Dinner?”

“Yep. Sorry I woke you… I wanted to take you to dinner, and… umm… you screamed in your sleep. I was worried.”

“Yeah. Sorry…. Bad dream”

“D’you want to tell me about it?”

“No. It’s okay” I especially didn’t want Harry to know about my dream. I am sure the man walking towards me was Voldermort, and Harry would be terrified with that.

“Okay. If you sure” Harry dropped his hand from my face, and placed it on my knee.
“Come on, before Ron eats everything”

I nodded in agreement, stood up, and followed him, hand in hand through the common room door.

The End

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