Chapter 5Mature

As we did every year, we filled up just by barrier between the platforms nine and ten, and one by one we ran, full pelt through the supposedly hard brick wall. But instead of bouncing back off it with a huge crash, we just ran right through. Fred went first, then George, then Harry, Ron, Hermione, Mum then I ran through. In front of me stood a bright gleaming red and black steam engine. Thousands of children were dotted about on the platform, hugging, putting their bags into the compartments and in some instances (Nevel) crying.  I hugged and kissed my Mum and Dad, before climbing on board the train. I walked in the corridor and found a compartment to sit in. My best friends Mary, Louise and Hannah were sitting in it all talking, Hannah holding an adorable silver tabby kitten.

“Aww. What it’s name?” I said, sliding open the glass door.

“GINNY!” They all said, getting to their feet and hugging me. I went over to the slightly opened window, and leant out. I hugged my Mum and Dad again, half in, half out of the window.

“I love you” I kept saying to them.

“I love you as well sweetheart” said Mum

“I love you as well Ginny” said Dad. There was a huge whistle, a wave of smoke, and we were moving.

“Bye Mum, bye Dad” I said as we slowly turned the corner, and they were out of sight.


“So what did you get up to in the holiday’s Ginny?” Louise asked

“Umm. Not much. My brothers friends came to stay!”

“Was Harry Potter there?” Louise said, getting really excited, with a huge smile on her face.

“Yeah. He’s my brother’s best friend!”

“Oh my god. I would LOVE to meet him!”  Mary said.

“You’re so lucky Ginny” said Hannah.

“Yeah. Well to tell you the truth you guys. We almost kissed in the holidays!”

“Huh!”  They all gasped. “What do you mean almost? If it was me, and I had the opportunity, I would so follow through” said Louise.

Her face drooped, and she rested her head in her hands. The carriage door slid open and the familiar voice asked:

“Anything of the trolley dears?” Before any of us could say anything a voice called over us

“Three Chocolate Frogs please”

“HARRY POTTER!” said Mary.

“Hi Ginny.”

“Here you are dear” said the lady wheeling the trolley. TRYING to hand Harry the chocolate frogs.

“Thanks. Ginny would you like to come into our carriage, with Ron, Hermione and Me?” Harry said.

“Umm… Maybe later, I am going to talk to talk my friends for a while. Sorry.” I said.

“I’ll come Harry” said Louise.

“Hi… Lucy is it?” Harry asked with a confused expression on his face.

“No. My name Louise”

“Oh… Hi. So Ginny you will be in later?”

“Yep, defiantly Harry” Harry walked back down the corridor, then stopped, came back, and collected his chocolate frogs.

Mary and Hannah started giggling. He clutched his face, looked at the floor and walked back to his carriage just before  he went in he smiled at me.  I kept looking at where he had been standing, completely transfixed. I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Excuse me. Girls” said the lady pushing the trolley.

“Yeah?” I said shaking my head and looking back round.

“Do you want anything from the trolleys?”


We were sitting in the compartment; it was completely silent as Louise was still upset, since she had made a fool of herself in front of Harry.

“I think I’m going to go to Harry’s compartment”

“Okay Ginny. Come back though” Mary said.

“Yeah. Defiantly” I said.

I walked past about nine carriages. Until I saw Hermione clutching Crockshanks, Ron holding Scabbers but Harry, wasn’t there. I pulled the cold metal handle so the door opened.

“Where is Harry?” I asked.

“Hi Ginny” said Hermione.

“Hi. Where is Harry?”

“Isn’t he with you. He said he went to find you!”

“Nope… He told me to come to this cabin”

It was completely silent until from the other end of the train, there was a huge scream, and someone yelled


“Harry” Ron and Hermione said together.

“We all walked down the corridor. Everyone was leaning out of their carriages, and looking where the flashes of light were coming from.

“LEVICORPUS” shouted another voice.

I ran down faster than Ron and Hermione, and no one else dared to go down there.

I saw Harry, levitated in the air, Malfoy charming him. At first I was scared, then, I blinked, and suddenly, a wash of anger took over my body.

“IMPEDIMENTER” I yelled, grabbing my wand out of my jumper, and pointing it at Malfoy. A flash of blue light flew at him. In a millisecond he was lying on his stomach. He stood up to look at me.

“Oh, Potter you’ve got yourself a blood traitor girlfriend”

“That does it” I lifted my arm, clenched my fist and punched him round the nose! He clutched it, blood soaked through his fingers and dripped onto the floor. His other hand loosened and his wand fell onto the carpet. There was a thud behind me, and Harry was lying on the floor as well, as the curse had broken when the wand wasn’t pointed at him anymore.

“Ginny. What the hell are you doing?” said Ron behind me.

“Protecting Harry. What does it look like?” Ron’s face looked worried, as he pointed behind me. There was a huge purple flash from behind me, then I fell down into nothing…


“Ginny? Are you okay?” I woke to see Michael Corner, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Louise (who was virtually drooling over Harry), Mary and Hannah all leaning over me. I was lying on the seat in my compartment. Hannah’s new cat, Megan, was sitting on the seat opposite me.

“Ginny. Are you alright?” said Mary.

“What. What happened?” I asked.

“Malfoy charmed you. With the Faticulous spell, it makes you faint” Hermione said.

“Malfoy, but… How did he get away with it?” I said sitting up.

“Well, He did, from the adult perspective… But don’t worry. Ron, Harry and… Sorry I don’t know your name…”

“It’s Michael Corner” he said.

“Hi Michael. But yeah, Michael, Harry and Ron took care of him!” Hermione continued.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Well….”They all showed me their knuckles. They were purple and bloody.

“Huh. I didn’t know they were that bad” said Hermione. She pointed her wand at their hands.

“Reparo” she muttered. They healed perfectly.

“Thanks Hermione” said Ron

“Yeah. Thanks loads” Harry said

“Thanks” said Michael.

“No problem” She put her wand back into her robes. “You lot, you need to get into your robes. I except we’ll be arriving soon”

“Okay. Thanks Hermione”

“Hermione, come here, look at this” Two pretty girls, also in their robes, leant round the door.

“Okay. Bye you guys” said Hermione and she left the compartment…

Everyone left the compartment, except Harry. He sat next to me looking the other way.

“You’re sure that your okay Ginny”

“Yeah. My head is throbbing a little though”

“Oh. Let me see”  I sat up a little, he put his hand on the back of my head.

“Ouch. There is a bump. That must hurt.” He looked straight into my eyes, leaned a little closer. I stared back into his emerald eyes, I leaned forward as well.

“Come on Harry” said a voice behind him.

“Hermione” Harry said standing up.

“Oh. Sorry both of you. I didn’t know I was interrupting. It’s just we’ve stopped” And sure enough there was a huge scramble in the corridor outside. Children running out with their bags and pets.

“Megan. MEGAN” I heard Hannah shouting. Trying to find her kitten.

I stared out of the window. A huge face, with a big bushy brown beard stared back at me.

“Hiya Harry. Ginny” the man said

“HAGRID!” Harry said. Hermione and Harry ran out of the door and onto the platform. I took this opportunity to change into my robes, and to get all my things together. I walked off the train and went over to Mary, Louise and Hannah. I saw straight away that Hannah had been reunited with her cat once again.

“Right Everyone This Way” Hagrid called over the crowds, gesturing us to Professor Flitwick.

“Right. As usual the first years come with me, and the rest of the school, follow Professor Flitwick.” Hagrid’s gruff voice said. A bunch of scared looking children reluctantly followed him down a dark earth path to the Black Lake, where they would soon be taken across in small wooden boats, like I was in my first year. However, the rest of the schools were taken up to the castle by carriages, which were drawn by thestrals. You would only see these animals if you have seen death, so, most students only see carriages drawn magically by themselves.

I clambered on board one of the rickety wooden carriages, with Hannah, Mary and Louise. As soon as Louise’s foot lifted from the ground we were off. It was a longish ride, winding through trees thick trees, their velvety leaves hung over our heads, light seeping through the high branches, which was the only light in the whole track, so it was pretty dark.

“Ginny. What was that whole thing on the train. Harry tried to explain, but how did the whole thing start? Said Mary.

“I really don’t know how it started. I came into the compartment, Harry was hanging upside down, and Malfoy was lying next to some trunks, pointing his wand at Harry. I came in, blasted a spell at him, then punched him.”

“Why did you punch him as well”

“He called me a Blood Traitor!”

“HE DIDN’T” said Hannah, gasping.

“Yep. But I clobbered him. Then… He blasted a spell at me. And I woke up with everyone leaning over me”

“Cool.” Louise said.  It was totally silent for ages ,until Mary shouted out:


“Calm down Mary” I said. She always gets excited when she sees  Hogwarts. Even though I had seen Hogwarts already today, a smile crept onto my face as I looked up at the beautiful dimly lit caste….

The End

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