Chapter 4Mature

I woke up at seven the next day, Right away I pulled myself out of bed, I got into my comfiest clothes; my tracksuits and a t-shirt, although all I was going to do was play Quiditch, I wanted to look nice since Harry was going to be there… So I changed into a nice pair of jeans, and a beautiful top. I tied up my hair, and put on mascara. I looked in my drawer for some trainers, I only had two pairs, my shiny new ones, or my scuffed up ones. I wanted to look nice, but I wanted to impress Harry.  I decided to be practical and wear the old ones. I walked downstairs and into the garden, just dodging a gnome as I left the back door. I sprinted out of the rickety gate and into the huge field, and I went to the shed. The shed was almost all filled with muggle things. There were pencils, cars, rubber ducks… and in one corner there was a telephone box. But across one wall was a huge cabinet. I opened it to find about fourteen hooks, with a name above them and Quiditch uniforms hanging off them. The names were ‘Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny’ the others all said ‘Guest’ above them. I noticed Fred, George’s and Ron’s uniforms were gone. I grabbed mine, and quickly put on the padding and the helmet. I also collected my broomstick from the side of the cabinet.

I walked out just in time to see Fred hit a bludger in George’s direction. It missed him by a centimeter, and, when George recovered from the shock, he hit it right back. They got into a huge fight, so no one even noticed I had mounted my broom and was flying around and around.

“Ginny” Harry said, flying over to me.

“Hey. How are you?” I asked

“I’m brilliant thanks. You?”

“Yeah. I’m good” We looked at each other for ages, until the moment was broken by the same bludger, flying threw us and over to Ron, who was floating by the goals.

“AGHHHHH” There was a bang, and a squeal, and Ron was lying on the grass.

“RON” Hermione yelled, running over to him, as she hadn’t been flying.

“Bloody hell” Ron said, lifting his head to look up at us all. “Watch it Fred”

“Is anything broken Ron” Hermione asked.

“No nothing. Come on lets play Quiditch.” As Ron flew off, Hermione looked very unhappy. I flew over to Ron.

“Ron, say thank you”

“What for”

“She was so nice to you just then”

“You recently started hating Hermione, What do you care”

“I don’t hate her, it’s just… I don’t know. Sometimes I just feel. Never mind. Just say thank you!”

“Fine…” he said. “HERMIONE” he called down to her.


“Thanks, ummm for being so nice!” A huge smile crept onto her face as he said this.

“No problem…” She went to sit on the bench again, still smiling, and reading her copy of Hogwarts History.

“Finally, let’s play!” said George. Everyone flew around, until George chucked the Quaffle up into the air. I grabbed it and flew straight towards Ron, who was guarding the goal posts. Since we were, once again, helping Ron with his defense, I hurled the ball through the middle post, which would have been the easiest to defend.

“GOAL” Yelled Fred.

“Come on Ron. You can do better than that!” George yelled to him.

“Lets play again” Ron said, blushing.

George threw the red Quaffle up again, this time Harry caught it. He raced towards the goals, threw the left goalpost.

“GOAL… again” yelled Fred.

“Ron. COSERNTRATE” Harry called to him.

“Come on Ron” Hermione shouted up at him. Ron seemed to be taken by this, he closed his eyes, breathed in deeply, then shouted:

“Come on. Try again!”

George, once again, threw the ball up. Harry caught it again, zoomed towards Ron, and lobbed the ball through the hoop, but Ron twirled round on him broom, and the tail whacked the Quaffle back in Harry’s direction.

“RON!” everyone yelled. We flew towards him, patting him on the back, and cheering “Ron… Ron...” over and over again! We all sank slowly to the floor.

“Yes. I did it! Finally” Ron yelled to us.”Yeah” He cheered, and punched his fist into the air.

“Shall we play some more Quiditch?” said Fred.

“Yeah. Let’s play some more!” Ron said, flying back up to the goals.”Come on George, chuck the Quaffle. Come on!”

“Ron, you’re getting to full of yourself!” George yelled. We all flew back up into the air, as Ron requested, George threw the Quaffle, and we played a three hour long game of Quiditch before calling it a day!


When we finally finished the game of Quiditch, we all dragged ourselves inside. I was covered in mud, my mascara had run since it was raining outside, and we were all soaked, except Hermione of course. Whilst sitting on the bench, she had cast a spell so a waterproof handless umbrella had appeared above her.

I went to my room to get changed out of my muddy wet clothes. I chose my second favourite top, and some comfy trousers. I pulled my trunk out from under my bed, and checked through it. Pretty much all of my things were in there, until I remembered what I had forgotten. I ran out my room, down the stairs into the kitchen, out the back door, and into the shed, where I had moved the puking pastels to. Ahead of me was the huge cabinet with the Quiditch stuff inside, there was the Skoda car half, and lots of other Muggle things. In the opposite wall was a small shelf, with an ornate antique stuffed owl, an old recorder and a small safe. I reached for the shelf, but couldn’t, so I dragged out a small box out from under my Dad’s desk. I stepped on it and stretched to the safe again, and just as my fingers grazed the side of the shiny red safe, the box collapsed.

“Ouch” I clutched my knee, as I lied on the floor. The broken box beneath my feet.... I stood up slowly, and looked at the small safe still sitting on the shelf.

“Shit” I muttered to myself as I looked at the small cut on my leg. I scanned around the shed for another thing to stand on. I found a small step ladder under the car. I walked back over to the broken box, and pushed it to one side. I opened the ladder and stepped up. I reached for the safe, and grabbed it. I jumped down from the ladder. As I jumped I saw in the corner of my eye something glint inside the fragments of the box. I put the safe on the desk, and moved the shattered wood that was once the box. Lying on the floor, under the wood, was a tiny purple gem, with a small hole in the tip. It was completely enacted, even though my entire weight had fallen onto it. Next to the gem was a small silver chain with a butterfly clasp at one end. I picked up the chain and the gem, and the safe once again, and went back to the yard. I had to run up the path shielding my head with the safe to get the house, as it had started to rain heavily again. I yanked on the door handle, but it refused to open. I hammered my fist on the glass. A crash of lightning sounded behind me, which motivated me to slam my fist harder on the wooden door.  Mum was jogging towards the door with a shocked expression. She turned the key and it clicked in the lock. Mum pulled it open, and let me inside.

“Ginny. What are you doing outside in a storm?”

“Getting my safe from the shed!”

“Charlie’s safe? Why?”

“No. It’s mine!” I said sternly.

“Ginny. Your father needs it for work!”

“What the hell. Mum it’s a flipping safe. I just NEED it”

“Ginny watch your mouth. Just give it to your father!”


“It’s for a muggle display at the Ministry”

“Oh whatever. You just want anything that reminds you of Charlie!”

“What’s wrong with you”

“Nothing is wrong with me!”

“Ginny. Just behave. Find something else” Mum said, calming her voice a little.

 “YOU FIND SOMETHING ELSE!” I said before turning and walked out the room.

“Ginny. GINNY. Where are you going” I simply ignored her and went to my room to take out the contents of the safe. As the lock was rusty and the dial wouldn’t turn, I grabbed a pair of scissors, rammed them between the door and the body of the safe, and levered it open. The puking pastels fell into the palm of my hand. I scrambled for a small cardboard box from under my bed, and put the puking pastels inside. I had the feeling I needed to do something else, but I couldn’t think of it. I opened my trunk once again, and put the pastels inside.

“Bugger.” I clutched my knee again, like I had in the shed. I had knelt on the purple jewel and the chain next to it. It was a beautiful jewel, I didn’t know who got, and where it came from before it was put in the shed, but it was gorgeous. I slid the small chain through the hole in the tip of the gem. It fit perfectly. I hung it around my neck. It was freezing cold, like ice around my throat. I looked over at the safe again, and at a picture of my mother and father. They looked so happy, holding me when I was four years old. With huge smiles on their faces. I took a pad and a pen off my chest of drawers. I wrote a small letter in my untidy scrawl.

 Dear Mum and Dad,
Sorry about arguing about the safe. Here have it. I will miss you when I am at Hogwarts. I love you.
     Ginny xoxoxoxox

I stuck the letter to the shiny top of the safe with spell-o-tape. And placed it on my parent’s bed in the room next to mine. I curled up in my bed, and fell asleep.

The End

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