Chapter 3Mature

After hearing Sirius and Harry speaking about me, it was so awkward around us. Not for

him, but for me, I would try to never be alone in a room with him! He always smiled at me, or tried to start up convocation, but I would always end the speech very quickly. I still felt very agitated at everything and angry when there was no need, and I didn’t really know why. Most nights I woke up after seeing green flashes of light, but for some reason, I enjoyed the dreams. Being woken up by green jets of light and sparks, I loved it. The rush of adrenalin was so enjoyable. I never told ANYONE this. Imagine what they would think about me…

I walked into the kitchen, the stone floor cold against my bare feet. I turned the corner and looked at the clock. This wasn’t an ordinary clock. There were nine hands on it; on each one was a small picture of someone in our family. Dad’s hand pointed to “Work’, so did Charlie and Bill’s. The rest pointed at ‘Home’!

“Ginny. Thank god you’re down here. We have been looking for you.” Said two identical voices from behind me. I turned round to see Fred and George gesturing me to come upstairs. I trailed after them into the attic. We crept past Ron’s room, not wanting to wake Harry or Ron. Hermione was sleeping in the spare room. A foul stench caught my nose, coursing me to gag. We went round behind the same wooden cabinet the twins had come out from behind. As we walked closer and closer to it the stench got worse and worse. The cauldron that had the green goo in now had pink liquid inside. Fred knelt down and stirred it. The smell suddenly became very lovely, like melted caramel.

“This isn’t the finished one. They are kept in the cupboard in Sirius’s room” Fred said.

“Thanks so much” I said to both of them.

“Why did you really want the puking pastels anyway Ginny?” George said.

“In case I need them!” I said as I stared into the pot.

“Ginny? Are you alright” Fred and George said together.

“Yea… I’m fine”

“It’s just you have been staring into that pot for around seven minutes!”

“Oh. Ok.” I walked out of the room and down the stairs. Just in time as well. I heard Mum on the floor above me yell.


“Sorry Mum.” They said when she finally stopped.

Sirius, Percy and Hermione came over to me.

“What’s going on Ginny?” Hermione asked.

“I….. I have no idea” I said smirking and looking at the ceiling.


How could I do that? How could I just stand there, and walk away from all responsibility for the puking pastels…

We all stood by the huge fire place. Mum picked up the small pot on the wall by the grate. It was filled with grey powder. Dad went first; he stood in the Fire place, took a handful of Flu Powder, said ‘Diagon Alley’ and threw it at the ground. At once he had disappeared into green flames. Ron went next, then Hermione, then Harry, then Fred, Percy, George, then me. Mum came through after us all.

Suddenly we were standing in broad daylight. Staring at hundreds of witches and wizards, dotted about a cobbled high street.

 “Right. Ron, Harry and Hermione you three stick together. Percy, you can go on your own, and Fred and George, you take Ginny.” I could hear them moan as they heard the news, exchanging looks of disappointment at each other. Harry, Ron and Hermione disappeared into the crowds. Percy walked off into The Daily Prophet Office, and Mum and Dad went straight into Flourish and Blots.

“Come on Ginny” George said grabbing my arm and dragging me forward. I shook my hand out of his grip and scratching him a little. I felt really powerful for a split second, then as I noticed his face was screwed up in pain, and he was clutching his arm. He lifted his hand away. On his arm were three cuts half a centimeter deep, bleeding scarlet blood onto the ground? He opened his eyes and looked at me with a terrified expression. I felt awful. My heart was sinking. I was a horrible person. How could I have done that…?

“Oh young boy. What happened?” Said an elderly lady. She came up to us and grabbed George’s arm. “Hang on. I will fix this in a jiffy.” She pulled her wand out from her cloak and pointed it at his cuts. “Reparo.” She muttered, before skulking away. The skin grew back over where the cut had been. Just like it had when Moody fixed Dad’s gnome bite.

“Ginny what do you think you’re doing?” Fred said. Glaring at me.

“I don’t know. I just lost control. Fred you have to believe I couldn’t do that. It wasn’t me. I didn’t move. I don’t know. Just don’t think I’m that kind of person. It’s like someone or something took over my body. You have to believe me…..” I had to stop talking then, as tears started streaming down my face.             

Fred comforted me a little, but George still looked terrified. He walked on. As Fred had his arm around me, George kept walking, looking back at me, with a scared and confused expression on his face, staring at me? He walked into Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.

I hugged Fred, but he was very tense, proberly worried I would hurt him as well. After a while we followed George. He was at the counter with three ice cream sundaes. He turned to see us standing by the doorway. A half smile crept onto his face, but then he looked down at his rolled up sleeve, and slight lines left from the cuts, then his face turned scared once again.

We sat at a small table by the biggest window in the shop. I slowly spooned the vanilla and chocolate ice cream into my mouth. It was completely silent until…

“Oh god. These people again” I looked to where George was starring. Standing there was a tallish pale man with long blonde hair. He had a stern face, a lot like the boy standing at his side. He was also blonde, but his was short hair. It was slick as it had been heavily gelled back. Straight away he stared at our table. He looked like he would be sick as he turned his nose up at us.       

“Malfoy” I muttered under my breath. Draco whispered something to his father, Luscious, he also stared at us. They walked into the queue, Luscious holding Draco back from cutting the queue by putting the end of his black walking stick onto his shoulder. This stick was also his wand. The tip had a silver snake, baring its long fangs at everything.

“I hate him so much. The little slimy git” The twins said together.

“Don’t you Ginny?” said Fred

I didn’t even realize they were talking to me, until Fred shock my shoulder.

“Yea. What?” I questioned.

“You hate him don’t you Ginny?”

“Yea. I… I hate his guts…” 

“What were you looking at Ginny?” George asked.

“Ummm… Nothing. Come on, let’s leave” Really I was staring at Michael Corner, from Ravenclaw. We all got up, just as Luscious and Draco left, Fred put a tip on the table, as George had paid at the counter. As we walked towards Gringots to get the money from Mum and Dad, I just about saw Harry, Ron and Hermione rush down Nocturne Alley.

“Stop you guys.” I said to the twins.


I was just about to tell them about Ron, Hermione and Harry running down Nocturne Alley, when I stopped talking.

“Nothing. Sorry.” We pushed open the oak double doors and we walked into a humongous room. The shape was a bit like a chapel. It had a very high ceiling, with long marble desks running up the sides of the straight room. Goblins were situated at the desks, writing with huge quills. Mum and Dad were standing half way between us and the other end of the room.

They rushed towards us as soon as they noticed we had come in.

“Ginny dear. Here is your money, Fred here is yours and here you go George. 

“Thanks Mum” I said before giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“So, what shops have you been too?” said Dad

“Only Florean Fortescue's.” George said.

“Oh you three. What are you like?”

“Any way have you seen Harry, Hermione and Ron anywhere?” Dad said, with a puzzled expression on his face.

“No…” I said, remembering seeing them darting down to Nocturne Alley.

“Okay. It’s just we haven’t seen them here, and they need their money…”

“I’m sure their around Mum” said Fred

“Oh well. You three better be off.” Mum sad, shunting us away.

We walked back down the long marble hallway, through the doors that banged shut behind us, and into the daylight of the high-street.

“Where shall we go now Ginny?” the twins asked.

“How about…. Flourish and Blots” the three of us set off into the crowds. After a long time of pushing and shoving, we finally go to Flourish and Blots. It was a large building. Red wood frame, a large open space inside, well it would be, if it weren’t for all the huge stacks of books, going high up into the ceiling, and for bookcases that were standing at every turn. There was a small balcony above us, and standing on it was Michael Corner, and Dean Thomas!

“Ginny what do you need to get?”

“Oh ummm… Care of Magical Creatures – Grade Two”

“Ok. George and I don’t need anything. So that’s good.”

“Where are the Care of Magical Creatures Books though?”

“Oh. Good point. You can never find anything in this bloody shop”

“Ask someone.”

“Okay. Miss. MISS” Fred shouted to a lady walking past us, with a badge on her robes saying:

Flourish and Blots



“Yes young boy. What would you like?”

“Care of Magical Creatures… Grade… Two”

“Oh yes. Right this way.” She weaved us in and out of book shelves and book piles until we finally got to a huge picture of a Hipogriph stuck onto a wall with a sign next to it saying ‘Care of Magical Creatures’. I picked up the Grade Two book, and as soon as we could we rushed to the counter and paid
2 Gallions, 10 Sickles and 5 Knuts and then ran out the shop, and I swear when I shook the book a lot, it made a very tiny but very real growl at me…                                          


We went to Septimas’s Sweet Shop, we bought loads in there. We bought: Chocolate Frogs, Liquorices Wands, Pepper Imps, Chocó balls, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Fizzing Whizzbees, Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, Toothflossing String mints, Ice Mice, Cockroach Clusters, Jelly Slugs, Blood Lollipops, Acid Pops and Sugar Quills. We walked out of the shop, with huge bags of sugary treats smacking against our legs.

“What time did Mum say we need to meet her?” said George.

“She didn’t did she?” I answered.

“Okay. Well we better start heading back to Flourish and Blots. That’s were we started from! I bet you five Gallions they are their” Fred said.

“Deal” said George. They shock hands, and we kept walking.

We traipsed back to Flourish and Blots, sucking on Liquorish Wands and Sugar Quills, and just as we approached, I realized Fred was right. Outside the doors stood Mum and Dad. In the corner of my eye I saw George hand Fred something.

“Shut Up” George muttered to Fred.


Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George and I sat on the living room floor in a circle, three boxes of Bertie Bots Every Flavored Beans in the center.

“Go on, I dare you” Ron said to Hermione. Hermione picked up a small grey bean off of the floor and put it up to her mouth. Her face screwed up in fright, she placed it on her tongue and chewed. Her faced relaxed as she said. “Yum, vanilla.”

“Go on Ginny. Your turn.” Fred said. Wanting to look brave, I didn’t even screw up my face. I shoved it in my mouth, and in under three seconds I had spat it out. There was an uproar of laughter from everyone.

“What flavor was it Ginny?” said Harry.

“Earwax….” I said, wiping my sleeve on my tongue. 

“Ginny. Are you alright?” said Harry. Everyone else was in hysterics.

“Harry, go on you try one” said Ron.

“Okay…” He picked up a red one. “It’s proberly cinnamon.” He put it to his lips and ate it. “EWWWW. CHILLI!!”

I jumped as a voice behind me said “Have you all packed your bags, your going back to Hogwarts the day after tomorrow” It was Mum, holding a huge basket of laundry standing in the doorway.

“I’ve packed Mrs. Weasly.” Harry said.

“Me too” Hermione piped up.

“I haven’t” said Ron, looking at the floor.

“I almost have” I said, before rushing past Mum and to my room before Harry would ask to help. I didn’t want him to since I only had my underwear to pack!

The End

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