Chapter 2Mature

After stirring the cauldron in the attic, I decided it was time to go downstairs to breakfast again, or Mum would get suspicious and send someone to find me. And just as I thought, as soon as  left the room, standing right outside the door, standing with a disappointed look on his face, and his hands on his hips was…

“Percy” I said, sounding very innocent.

“Ginny. I have been sent up to find out where you are. Just come downstairs. What were you doing in there anyway?”

I reached behind, gripped the door handle and pulled it shut, still looking at Percy’s face.

“I was just looking for my… Ummm….  Nothing!”

“What…. Why were you in there then?” He said, now looking puzzled.

“Umm… I was looking for my diary. Okay!.”

“Oh. Okay. That’s alright then. Just go down to breakfast.”

I moaned under my breath, and walked down the stairs. When I got into the kitchen, Fred and George were stuffing their faces with bacon and toast. Hermione was delicately putting eggs onto her fork, and Ron and Harry were drinking from their goblets. Harry strait away put down his goblet and waved at me.

“Ginny dear. Where have you been? Oh Percy here is your breakfast” Mum said, handing a plate full of breakfast to him. I was thankful  Percy came downstairs behind me so I didn’t have to make up a lie for where I had been.

I sat down at the table and as soon as I did there was a squawk and a clunk on the window opposite me.

“Errol” Ron groaned “He always flies into that window”  Ron said, as he reluctantly got up and pulled the brown owl through the window. Errol dropped a copy of the Daily Prophet into the scrambled egg.  Mum screwed up her face, and plunged her hand partially into the egg pile and pulled out the newspaper. Text was scrawled all over the parchment, and the pictures moved. On the front page was a picture of a ragged looking man, with shaggy hair, and a cruel mouth. He was holding a plaque with numbers written on it, he was shaking and screaming. The words under it read ‘Disappearances are blamed on notorious mass murderer Sirius Black’.

“What a load of crap.” Mum said, shaking her head at the paper. And throwing it at the settle in the corner.  

“What does the Ministry of Magic have against Sirius?” Harry said, smacking his fists on the table, making his fork fall off the. Everyone was silent, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Harry. Think about it. Seriously. Sirius escaped from Azkaban, that’s something no one has ever done. No one has even got close. And the Ministry of Magic must think that Sirius is a bloody powerful wizard to escape from it. Plus Belatrix Lestrange, a KNOWN follower of Voldermort is his cousin, so The Ministry must think it runs in blood ” I said. Everyone stared at me in shock. Everyone was thinking what I said, but no one would have said it. It was totally silent, you could hear a pin drop.

“Anyone want some pumpkin juice” said Hermione, offering the carton around the table, with an expressionless face.


I was in my room. My room was tiny, but at least the ceiling was higher than Ron’s ceiling. I can stand in mine, Ron cant in his room! I was sitting on my bed when there was a knock. Not at my bedroom door, but at the front door. I heard mum talking and opening the door, it creaked as it was opened. I could hear Ron, Hermione and Harry scrambling to their feet, and running downstairs. I got up and looked around my door.
I peered over the banister just in time to see a black shaggy dog transform into the man on the front of that days Daily Prophet.

“Sirius” Harry said, before running over to him, and hugging him.

“Harry. How are you?” Sirius said.

“I’m okay thank you Sirius. And you?”

“I’ve been better Harry. Have you seen the Daily Prophet?”

“Yea. Sorry about that Sirius.”  Harry said, with a sad face. Loupin, Tonx and Mad Eye Moody were also standing on the threshold.

“Hello Molly. Is Arthur around?” Loupin said, looking his usual. He was pale, and always looked ill, like he would be sick at any moment. 

“Yes Remus. He is in the shed round the back. Just through the kitchen and out the back door. You will see him easily, but watch out for gnomes. There has been an infestation in the hedges.”

“Thanks Molly. Come on Tonx” As they walked off, Tonx winked at Harry, Ron and Hermione.”

“Alastair.” Percy said. Finally getting up from the table. “Have you seen Winkus Oddpick recently? I read his interesting article about Whether Muggles Are As Stupid As We Think? They all kept talking, as Mum let them inside. Everyone sat on the sofas in the living room around the coffee table. I decided then to come downstairs and say hello to everyone.


Tonx and Loupin sat holding hands side by side. Sirius was sitting on the red arm chair opposite Loupin and Tonx, and Mad Eye Moody was standing by the fire, staring into it. He looked transfixed but the flames whipping around the logs and coal. He spoke every so often, but stayed looking deep into the fire. 

It was silent for a while, until Ron broke the silence by saying “Mum we’re going to Diagon Alley aren’t we”

“Sweetheart, we don’t even have the book lists”

“Oh right. These came yesterday” Ron plunged his hand into his trouser pocket and pulled out around six creamy coloured letters.

“Oh Ronald.” Mum said sternly, snatching them from him.  “Hermione, here is yours, Harry, Ginny, Fred, George and Ron’s. I really hope there aren’t many extra books. Arthur has been really tight on the purse strings.”

“I’ve only got two more: ‘100 Magical Herbs and Fungi’ and ‘Charms through the ages’.” Said Ron.

“Same as me” Harry said. He folded his letter and put it in his pocket.

“I only need one more, ‘Care of Magical Creatures – Grade Two’ said Ginny, staring at her list.

“I need three new books. ‘Ancient Magic – Grade Five’, ‘Care of Magical Creatures – Grade Four’, and ‘Potion Making – Grade Six’” Hermione said.

“We need…” Fred and George were interrupted by a loud….

“AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Dad hobbled in, clutching his leg, his face purple.

“Arthur” Mum ran towards him, Tonx and Loupin stood up, and Moody turned to stare at the scene.

“Arthur, what happened?”

Dad pointed outside. He lifted his hand away from his leg to reveal a gash in his leg. Blood was oozing onto the carpet beneath him.

“Bloody Gnomes” Sirius said. He and Loupin traipsed outside. I could see them through the window, shooting spells at all the gnomes.

“Allow me Molly” Moody stepped forward, pointed his wand at Dad’s leg. “Reparo” He muttered under his breath. Almost immediately the skin had grown back, and my dad’s face had gone back to its original colour.


A couple of hours later everyone in the house was gathered around the table. On the surface was a humongous roast chicken, broccoli, roast potatoes, peas, gravy and red currant jelly.

I was very joyous around the table. It felt exactly like Christmas, except Bill and Charlie weren’t there. It was so funny after we had all devoured the food. Dad and Sirius got really drunk on the red wine. Moody got a bit tipsy, and Loupin stuck with the Pumpkin juice. He was happy though. That’s the thing about Loupin. He looks ill, and like he would be miserable, but he is a really lovely person. He was bubbly, and sweet, and has a great personality, most of the time, sometimes he is actually miserable!

“Ginny. Look how you’ve grown, since the last time I saw you!” Sirius babbled, still drunk.

“What, since three minutes ago?” I said in a harsh voice.

“Naaaa – Na – None…” Sirius just about said. He would never look in the same place for more than four seconds, before lolling his head back like a puppet, and hen looking somewhere else.

“Sirius. I think you have had enough.” Mum said, pulling the wine bottle out of Sirius’s tight hands. He didn’t let go for a long time, then released it so Mum flew back a couple of feet. Sirius looked around for a while, and then fell off his chair. I realized he could have cracked his head, but no one could stop laughing. Dad, being drunk as well, was in hysterics!


Sirius woke up the next day at about four in the morning. Mum and Loupin had levitated Sirius into one of the spare bedrooms on the second floor. It was a smallish room. With dark wooden beams running across the ceiling. It had a four poster bed with white sheets. And a red velvet blanket. In one corner was a massive brown wooden cabinet. Every so often it would shake, like something was moving inside of it. There was a huge lock on the door, so Mum would never find what was inside. I knew.                  

I was just bringing Sirius some breakfast, as he couldn’t come downstairs for food as he was having a headache, when Harry walked into me. I dropped the tray with toast, bacon and fried egg onto the floor boards.

“Ginny. I am so sorry. Oh my god, I am such a prat. Let me help.”

We both went on all fours, scrambled around for the breakfast. I went over to the last bit of bacon, when there was a bang noise, and my forehead was in immense pain. I clutched it and looked up, and saw that Harry was holding his as well. He leant a bit towards me. I knew he was going to kiss me. I moved a bit closer, and the wooden door to the left of me creaked open. Sirius stood there, one hand on the door, and one on the door frame. He was wearing checked green pajama trousers, and a longish navy blue dressing gown.

“Is that my breakfast you’re holding Harry?” Everyone looked at Harry’s hand. He opened it a little, and mangled toast and bacon fell out.

“Hi Sirius” Harry said scrambling to his feet.

“I’ll get you some more breakfast Sirius” I said, standing up. I walked back down the stairs, I heard Harry walk into Sirius’s room and they shut the door behind them.

I went to the kitchen, and piled up the empty plate. I clambered back up the stairs. I was about to knock on Sirius’s door, when I heard them talking.

“So you really like her do you” said Sirius.

“Yea.” Harry replied.

I assumed they were talking about Cho Chang at school. Until I heard Sirius say:

“What happened to that Cho girl Harry?”

“She... I don’t know. I just like Ginny more.”

My heart stopped for a few seconds. I know we had almost kissed earlier, but I thought that was just a thing…. A one off. But this was big… I wondered if Ron knew.

I waited a few seconds to hear something else being said, but there was just total silence. I slowly knocked on the door and almost immediately Harry opened it.

The End

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