Ginny Weasly and the Terrible TruthMature

Ginny has always known she was different, since tom riddle's book was destroyed in the chamber of secrets. No one notices something is wrong, but pieces of the puzzle come together and reveal a terrifying truth.....

I have always known I am different. Something or someone just needed to prove it. Ever since that book, Tom Riddles book was destroyed in the chamber of secrets, I knew I was different. Never to be the same again, never go back to the old Ginny Weasly.......

I walked down the long spiraling staircase into my living room. The room was small, but very cozy, packed with books and with thousands places to sit. In the corner on a green scuffed arm chair, a pair of knitting needles and yarn were suspended in thin air, knitting a long scarf, proberly for one of my siblings or me for Christmas this year. In front of my me was the dining room. It was a pretty normal dining room; in the center was a long wooden table, covered with a dirty light blue table cloth. At one end of the table was a huge vase of daffodils, and at the other end were three long thick candles. In front of the many chairs, knives and forks laid either side of plates; I immediately noticed there were two more place settings than usual. I knew who was in my house before I was told. As I gazed past the table into the opposite corner, a scruffy ginger cat’s beaming yellow eyes stared back into mine.

"Crockshanks there you are" called a voice behind me. Hermione Granger’s bushy brown hair swept past me and over to the cat. She turned, but she looked surprised when she noticed that I was standing there.

“Oh. Ginny. Hi”

“Hi” I said, with a fake smile forced onto my face.

‘How are you?” Hermione asked, the cat purring as she tickled his chin.

“I’m okay thank you”

 She smiled at me, left the room, and went back up the stairs.

“Or at least I was until you arrived” I muttered under my breath.

My mum bustled into the room. "Oh Good morning sweetheart. Could you help me bring breakfast out?" I was about to lash out at her, to tell her why was it always me who had to help. I drew breath to shout, then stopped and said through gritted teeth, "Of course Mum. I would love to." I followed her into the kitchen. I loved our kitchen. It also had a long table in it, with more flowers on it, but no candles. On one side of the table was  a door that went through into the pantry, on the other side was a long shelf stacked high with plates, and drawers filled with knives, forks and spoons. On the other side of the room was the cooker, sink and other counters. Mum walked straight over to the counter right by the cooker, and passed me a huge bowl, full to the brim of scrambled eggs. I walked back to the dining room, and placed the eggs onto the table. At this moment Harry Potter walked down the stairs, through the living room, and sat down at the table, followed closely by Ron and Hermione.

"Morning Ginny." Harry said to me a huge smile on his face.

"Good Morning Harry" I said back to him. Mum came back into the room, levitated in front of her were two plates of bacon, four racks of toast and a tray of mugs full of tea and coffee. She lowered her wand, and they landed gracefully on the table. I sat down opposite Harry.

"Oh. Damn. I forgot the Juice.” Mum said as she sat down “Arthur" She called into the kitchen.

"Yes?" Came a deep, friendly voice from through the double doors. A tallish man with short ginger hair, who was wearing shabby yellow, brown and red robes, peered round the door.

"Morning Dad" Ron and I said simultaneously.

“Harry Potter. How are you boy, how are you?”

“I am good. Yourself?” Harry said with a mouth full of egg.

“I couldn’t be better Harry, couldn’t be better. And Hermione Granger, how are you doing dear?”

“I’m okay thank you Mr. Weasly” Hermione said over the mountain of bacon.

“Arthur, could you get the juice out of the fridge for me.”

“Sure Molly.” Dad said, walking back into the kitchen and came out with two cartons. One of apple juice and one of pumpkin juice. “Molly. Where are Fred and George, and Percy come to that matter?”

“Still sleeping proberly. Hold on. I will call them.”

“NO!” I stood up and yelled at mum.

“Ginny?” Everyone was looking at me.

“No Mum. I will wake up Fred and George.”

I ran upstairs and waited at the top; before too long I heard the clunking of china and the gentle sound of breakfast convocation.  Only then did I know it was safe to go to the top of the house and into the attic. We have two attics. One is Ron’s room, and one is filled with antiques that are too big, or ugly, to put downstairs. I ran into this one. I had to duck, as both of our attics have really low ceilings. I hardly ever went in this one, but Mum didn’t either, and she could never find out what I had hidden in there.

“Fred. George. Where are you?” I called into the room as I slowly pulled the handle of the door until it creaked open.

“Come out. Mum is looking for you.” Two ginger haired boys, exactly the same features as each other appeared out from behind a dusty cabinet.  They were quite tall, with longish hair. Pale skin and only a few freckles. They were both wearing an ugly mustard coloured itchy jumper. One had a huge ‘G’ sewn into it; the other had an ‘F’.
“You two, go downstairs to breakfast or mum will wonder where we have got to”

“Okay fine.” They said at precisely the same time.

They brushed past me and walked through the door and down the stairs.  I smelled the air around me as I examined the ornate furniture around me then I went behind the cabinet that Fred and George had appeared out from and I saw a cauldron full of green sludgy gel. People would have thought I would have gone ballistic, seeing the boys creating puking pastels at home when we aren’t allowed any potion making in our house… If I wasn’t the one who asked them to make them for me.….  Mum would be the one to go ballistic, if she finds out…..

The End

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