In the beginning,

there may or may not have been anything. Duh.

People on our planet talk about the Big Bang, creation theory, dinos, epochs.  Most humans since then have always wanted to know why the hell we're here. And when we finally found others out there in the soup that was our galaxy - not even all that far away, those alien guys, relatively speaking, at first - and banged heads, we discovered those creatures had the the same questions in their own languages... and no good answers.

Everyone's history went back to a place where  they could not discern a precise starting time, and had no record. Even the sentient machines were embarrassed that they came from somewhere that didn't have their exact beginnings on some kind of media.

At some point, though, something of incredible power came into existence. The collaborative minds of all the known planets are pretty sure this had nothing to do with the Bang, seeing as how it didn't end all the life that was floating around at the time.

Well ok we're pretty sure. But whatever it was, it had some sense of humor.

Because it knew that we all wanted to know why things are the way they are, and how they came to be. So it told us it would give us a know Everything.

The End

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