How John Smith, crafty-but-novice-wizard human, was able to outsmart intergalactic competitors in order to control Everything - or so it seemed. Told in a series of flashbacks.

"What've you got?"

Chu Mg looked in his bag and grimaced. "I have nothing."


Lil looked in her bag and shook her green tresses. She spoke into the translator hovering near her lips. "Empty."


Grim blinked his coal transistor eyes and a spark came from the grill-like mouth. "The same."

I smiled and opened my bag.

"That's too bad. I have Everything in here."

The others groaned. It was going to be difficult to explain how a simple human now had access to Everything. The bag wasn't even special looking; I typically used it to stuff groceries in every time I went to the supermarket.

The staticky squarish part  you could call Grim's head swiveled to the others and then back to me. "It will not be so. Humans are the most fallible."

I nodded. "It doesn't matter. Lil can no longer unbalance me. Chu will disappear shortly. And I have the precision and practices of your entire race and history in here. I can call upon Everything - to insure that it is."

Grim did not look pleased. But then you could never tell if it was pissed off or wanting to hug you, so it's possible I was imagining it. Grim started advancing towards me on the roiling wire mass below its torso, a subsonic noise vibrating the ground all around us. Things were shaking.

Lil dropped her bag and brought up two of her four bronze arms. She tried to step between Grim and myself, but was not quick enough. Grim discharged some kind of black inky cloud from its torso in my direction.

I brought up my left hand, which did not hold the bag, to let my prepared blocking spell go. I had not yet had time to learn Everything to use against Grim and its kind, so some of the cloud got through.

"Oh crap," I hacked, and passed out.








The End

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