Gifted Part 3

A lone biker stood up. His body was bloody and scarred. The people in the truck had totaled his bike. His allies slain, the biker began to limp towars the now burning SUV. When he arrived, he fell onto his face and struggled to rise. He finally managed to and turned the radio on.

"Rider's base, this is Cobalt over." No response. Cobalt tried again. "Rider's base this is Cobalt over." Suddenly the static on the other line began to clear.

"Cobalt this is Sidewinder. Where the hell are you and salvage unit 003?" a voice asked.

"Salvage unit 003 has been eliminated sir." Cobalt responded. He winced when he felt a pain in his leg. He looked down and saw it was bleeding.

"Cobalt, can you move?" the voice asked.

"Negative." Cobalt answered. Suddenly, Cobalt heard footsteps approaching. He heard the voice argue with the newcomer before he let out a groan and a thud. "Base this is Cobalt over?"

"Evening Cobalt," A voice spoke. Cobalt heart stopped when he heard the voice.

"M...Master Bardock!" Cobalt said.

"Correct soldier," Bardock answered. "You have let me down Cobalt. The rider's have no need for letdowns.

"Sir allow me to explain," Cobalt stammered. "We were attacked by these people who...had powers like yours." Cobalt waited for a moment but heard no response. The other side of the line went dead when Cobalt yelled in pain as something stepped on his leg. He looked up and stared at a tall man with green hair, a leather jacket and an assortment of necklaces. He was glowing a blue colour. "B...Bardock!"

Bardock smiled and dug his foot into Cobalt's leg. Cobalt yelled in pain when Bardock began to lean closer to him.

"What powers did they posses?" Bardock questioned.

Cobalt groaned. "One of them had glowing eyes which probably allowed him to see us from afar and aim perfectly. The others i'm not so sure."

"Are you sure?" Bardock questioned. "Did one not have amazing strength or the ability to shoot lighting from his fingertips?"

Cobalt looked at Bardock as if he was insane. "Not that I can remember sir."

Bardock smiled at Cobalt. Then in a flash of blue light he disappeared.

"Wait sir!" Cobalt yelled into the air. He was terrified. It would only be a matter of time before...they came out. Suddenly Cobalt heard a shuffling sound. He peered over his shoulders when he came face to face with a masked soldier. He had a visage of a fox on his face and was carrying a sickle and a mini SMG.

"I found one!" the figure cried. "Suddenly two more figures materialized out of nowhere. The wielded the same weapons but with different masks. The dog-masked boy spoke.

"Good. Let's take him back home." he said. The boy beside him, in a wolf mask protested.

"We should kill this rider while we have a chance. They began to bicker while Cobalt lay there, stunned by fear. He had heard stories about a trio of masked vigilantes who enjoyed torturing criminals. Suddenly the fox masked boy spoke.

"I say we set him on fire." The wolf boy smiled. The dog-masked boy looked as if to speak but stayed silent. They took off their masks. The fox head boy did the same.

"No please have mercy!" Cobalt cried. He then yelled in pain as a line of flames shot out from the three boy's eyes and unto him. It did not take long before a pile of ash was all that was left of Cobalt. Two of the three boys began to walk away. The boy in the dog mask approached Cobalt's ashes and proceeded to bury them.

"Somewhere in you villain, I’m sure hid a boy much like myself." the boy spoke. He then placed his mask back on. The mask. The only way he could see the world without causing destruction. The explosion ruined him and his brother's life. They use to have a family. Mom, Dad and pet their pet dog Scruffy. But the explosion killed them all. The boy did not remember anything after that but recalled waking up and burning whatever he saw. "Brother's take this as a blessing. But I see it as a curse." He then ran towards his brothers and towards home. Or at least what was left of it.


The End

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