The world is divided.

     In the year 2065, all was chaos. Suspicions of the world's end were popular, no one could leave their homes for fear of being robbed, and abuse was everywhere you looked. Now, in the year 3642, the world is cleansed and the existance of greed is no more. People are treated as equals wherever you go. But, unfortunately, the world is not completely good. There is one man who, with the powers of all evil at his fingertips, wishes to revert the world to it's past state of war and horror. His name is Morra, and the Gifteds are his warrior slaves, following his every command whether they want to or not.

     The world is divided. Divided into two groups, the Naturals, and the Gifteds. The Gifteds were blessed with supernatural abilities unique to each person who wields them. Some have telekinesis, others have elemental abilities. Unfortunately, the Naturals don't have these abilities, as they are the original humans who have been on this earth since the beginning. The Gifteds came later...

     In the middle of a great war, now known as World War IV (4), a man named Winston Garrow was fighting with Morra over the territory they were standing on. That's all the earth had to look forward to. Being dominated, having it's plains taken over by Morra and his Gifted slaves. The swords clashed as the two sides met in battle. Three days after the battle first commenced, Winston Garrow was defeated. Morra thrust his sword into Garrow, spearing through his stomach and pinning him to the ground. Garrow's army, or the two-hundred men who were left of it, witnessed his defeat and dropped their weapons, throwing their arms in the air. All those who kept fighting were obliterated. Garrow, still alive, lay on the ground, tears in his eyes, watching as the good men of his army were slain, one by one.

     These men fought for the freedom of their families. For their wives and children, he thought. Grasping the sword, he pulled it out of his stomach. With the last of his strenght, he stood and faced Morra, who had his back turned. Garrow took one trembling step, threatening to fall at any time, and slashed the sword in a downward arc. As the sword sliced open Morra's back, a brilliant, glaring white light escaped from Garrow's wound. The hole in his stomach knitted together, inside and out, and as Morra dissolved, the Gifteds were created.

     But he only thought Morra was dead. It was the year 2198 when Morra was defeated. But, one thousand-forty-four years later, the present day, he is returned, and we are all doomed if someone does not stop him.

     My name is Deziray, and with my friends Andon, Claire, Kayla, Kiero, and Mylo, we will save the world...

The End

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