All was quiet in the ruined remains of Downtown Central City. Concrete debris was everywhere and many buildings were barely intact. The skyscrapers around Downtown were also effected. Their windows shattered and an ugly black burn covering the exterior. It was a wasteland. At a ruined convinience store, 3 survivors scoured the runis for food. A boy of about 12 years old, a girl about 16 years old and a man about 34 years old. Each of them had an M16 strapped on their backs, and a small medicine bag attached to their leg. They boy then sat down and ran his hands through his brown hair.

"Man I'm hungry." He complained. The girl beside him rolled her eyes and the man scratched his chin.

"Geez Sam, your always hungry. the man said. He turned to the girl. "Rachel, see if you have any food leftover will ya?"

Rachel shook her head and arched her hips. "Oh no Matt, I'm not letting him take any more of my food. I got to eat too!" As she finished speaking, she sat down. She pulled out a band from her pocket and proceeded to tie her dirty blonde hair into a ponytail.

"Aww come on Rach!" Sam complained. "I do more work than you do!" As the two children argued, Matt sighed. He kept reminding himself why he decided to bring the two kids with him.

"That explosion changed them somehow." Matt thought. He use to be a university teacher in the city. He also happened to have worked in the military, so he knew that whoever or whatever blasted Central city with the big explosion, had intended to cahnge some if not all the people in that area. So he planned to get them to his house, only a couple kilometres from their current location. However he knew it would be dangerous.

"After the explosion, everything went into chaos." he whispered to himself. "The police were soon overrun with criminals, and new gangs began to dominate the city. Soon the entire city was ruled by gangs. The surviving citizens either joined the gangs for protection or attempted to survive on their own. Just like us."

Suddenly Sam stopped yelling at Rachel. He looked over to the south entrance to downtown. His eyes then beagn to glow blue for a moment. Matt gasped then turned to Rachel.

"Yeah, Sam can see things that are really far away if he concentrates enough." She let out an embaressed grin. "I probably should have told you earlier huh."

"You think?" Matt remarked.

"Guys we gotta leave." Sam began. "I recognize their sybols from the paper, they're the Riders!"

Matt stared at Sam, giving him a puzzled look.

"They're car theives and have a large teritory in the southern area," Sam answred. "Idon't think we want to cause any trouble with them.

Matt nodded. "Right then, let's move." Matt then ran over to what seemed to be a large peice of overturned concrete. After taking the sheet off however, Matt revealed a slightly banged up truck. It was somewhat rusty and had a couple bullet holes in the window. Sam and Rachel went inside as Matt started the engine.

Suddenly they heard a loud car horn. Matt looked bhind them and saw a heavily modified SUV without a roof barreling towards them along with two men on motorcycles. The wore jet black helmets, and wore jean clothing. Their motorcycle had been modified as well, sporting bigger wheels and two machine gun barrels. Suddenly one biker flipped a switch and the machine gun began to spew bullets towards them. Matt stomped on the gas pedal and beagn to accelerate way from the would be bandits. Sam then took out his M16 and began to fire at the Riders. They drove through Avenwood street, the neighbourhood connecting Northern Central City to downtown. All the way they exchanged bullet fire.

"Take that car jackers!" Sam shouted a them. Suddenly his eyes turned blue again. He took six wuick sots, which had a massive effect. The first two his the firstbiker in the helmet, causing him to fall and wipeout. The second two bullets hit the bikers arm. He let out a yelp before his bike swerved out of control. The last two bullets hit the driver of the SUV. His passengers quicly lept form the drverless car, right as it drove headfirst into a wall. A large explosion caused Sam to laugh. Suddenly the truck came to a screeching halt. Sam was thrown into the back part of the truck.

"Ouch!" Sam cried. "What the hell was that for Matt. He heard no reply so he turned around and saw that a man was blocking the way. He stared at Matt, then Rachel. Suddenly his hands began to glow blue, volts of electricity coursing through his veins.

"What the?" Matt said. The stranger then raised his hands in their direction. A bolt of lighting sprang form his hands, hitting the truck dead on. The truck was flung into a nearby wal. All the Matt rememberedwas Sam screaming and Rachel suddenly glowing. Then everything went black.

Jamal Dusek lowered his hands. The electricity had suddenly vanished, causing his amrs to appear normal again. He walked over to the wreckage to see what he could scavenge from it. He hated to kill innocent people, but he needed supplies if he were t osurvive. As he lifted the car, he gasped at what he saw. There all the people, the two boys and the girl were alive. The girls eyes were glowing pink. Suddenly they stopped glowing and the girl fell unconcious.

"It seems that the explosion as affected more people than myself." he said. He then grabbed the threw people, muscles bulging trying to carry the weight. After a moment however he was fine and began to walk towards a ruined house, carrying all three survivors upon his shoulders.


The End

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