The Exception


The next morning I woke up feeling grubby and stressed. Rubbing my bleary eyes I shook my tangled hair out of my face. Sighing and looking around the dark cold room I noticed that nobody else was awake. Tip toeing, so as not to wake the others up, I went to the bathroom. I switched on the light. The sudden brightness flashed around me, blotting my vision and making my body sway as my head pounded. I caught hold of the sink and slumped over it. Once the thud faded I looked up to see my own reflection. I stared into the mirror. I had often been as described striking but never pretty, my sharp, structured jaw line stuck out while my plump wide lips sat straight across my pale face just underneath my slightly chubby cheeks. My stubby nose stuck out whilst my huge doe-like grey eyes were hidden under dark lashes. I ran the cold tap then scooped up some icy water and splashed over my face. I gasped as the freezing water ran down my cheeks, clearing my senses.

Yesterdays events came marching back into my brain, all the fearful weary faces in the corridors were floating around in my head, like ghostly mourners. The confused and scared thoughts of the pupils burned into my mind. I winced at the memory. How long it would take them to find the killer ? I hoped with all my being it would be soon.

I quietly undressed and stepped into the shower. When the water finally started it was freezing and I swore, rushing out of the icy cascade. After 5 minutes it became hot and I moved back under the shower head and let the warm water fall around me, enveloping my body in a sweet smelling fountain. Ten minutes into my shower I heard a disturbance in the next room. At first I just assumed somebody else had woken up. Then I realized somebody was shouting. It was a boys voice that was resounding through the door. What on earth ? I thought to myself as I regretfully cut the water and pulled a vest and a pair of skinny black trousers over my soaking skin. The closer I moved to the door the louder the frantic voices became. Cautiously I shouted out

“Lisa? Whats going on? Who's here ?” There was a moments silence and then a hesitant reply

“Its fine, its nothing, don't come through,” Lisa replied. I grimaced as I realized she was trying to protect me. But she sounded worried. Gathering all my courage and power I stepped through the door, ready to attack. Four faces turned toward me as I strode through, Lisa's, Samantha's, the new girl Grace's, and Patrick's. Instantly my guard flew up as I saw Patrick had Grace pulled against his chest and a small silver object curled in his left fist. Seeing my angry and scared expression he softened his grip on Grace's small body

“Its not what it looks like,” He blurted

“Oh really?” I asked, by this time I had already walked to my bed and grasped my clock.

“She's my sister,”He shouted, he had noticed my movement. I stopped and frowned staring him right in the face.

“Then what are you doing here?” Samantha asked. Her tone was still defensive, on guard. She took a step forward so she was directly in front of him.

“I'm here to take her to mass,” He said meeting her gaze with equal determination “I promised her I'd come with her in the mornings,” He looked away from Samantha now turning his gaze to each of us in turn, lastly it fell on me “She didn't want to go alone,” He glared at me, defying me to challenge him.

“But why sneak in?” Lisa asked her voice softer than before “Why not just knock?”

“I could hear that no one was awake,” He replied

“Lilly was,” Lisa countered. Patrick began to open his mouth but I cut in

“I was having a shower as you can plainly see from my hair. Patrick will you please go wait outside while your sister gets dressed and then you can take her to mass,” I turned and walked back into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me and making it clear that was the end of the conversation. There was a few more muffled words and then I heard the front door slam shut.

When I had finished getting ready I went back into the main living area. Lisa, Samantha and Grace sat alongside each other on the sofa, shoes on, coats fastened up. They all looked expectedly up at me. I smiled back . Motioning for them to follow, turned my back on the smooth comfy sofa, walked toward the front door and began to unlock it. This took quite some time as after the first “incident” we had gotten 4 different locks, bolts and chains installed. It was annoying but it kept us safe. Once the door opened Grace went immediately towards Patrick and rapped a arm around his waist. Samantha and lisa stood and looked at me, clearly waiting for something. Then I noticed that they both looked slightly nervous. I looked around for signs of danger, then stopped, realizing with horror that I was the source of the tense atmosphere.

“Its ok,” I said raising my eyebrows and smiling “You can go, I'll be fine,” Samantha sighed with relief but Lisa still looked worried.

“Lisa please,” I urged, taking a tentative step towards her “I'll be fine, really,” I put a gentle hand on her shoulder, she smiled at me, although her expression still seemed uneasy.

“Come on,” Samantha stated “We've got to go, or else we'll miss service,”

“Why doesn't she have to attend?” asked patrick, sneering like a playground bully. Samantha eyed him suspiciously and glowered back

“Because,” She said slowly emphasizing every syllable as if Patrick were three years old “Lisa is, an exception to that particular rule, lets just say it would be a very bad idea for her to go to mass,” She then resumed her usually business like manner “Now please can we go? My feet are getting extremely cold,” Patrick and Lisa mumbled in agreement, then they turned and began the short walk to Mass. I watched them as they walked away. Sighing I went back inside, careful to relock every bolt, chain and keyhole. I was sick of this constant fear that gnawed away at my stomach like a starving creature. It had prevented me leaving the house for two weeks now, except for lessons. I hardly went anywhere. I slumped down on the sofa, sinking into its warmth and picked up the school gazette, flicking through I saw nothing of interest, until the back page where there was a full page advert for the NHRS, in disgust I tossed it onto the coffee table. How could I ever move on with my life if everywhere I went was plastered with my regrets?

The National Hacry radical society or the NHRS, were a fundamentalist group of religious Hacry followers, they usually just went around trying to recruit followers or make money for the church. Curiously I leant forward staring at the bright purple page that was covered in images of happy people all wearing traditional church robes and the lilac ribbon around their necks. Then I realized with utter horror, that in the top right corner was a picture of my parents grinning happily, in purple robs. I stood up glaring away from the image. Cold Disgust crept through me at the sight of the picture. I screamed and torr at the page violently. Anger had taken over my body, How dare they use that picture! Madly I threw the newspaper against the wall, It bounced off the wall and smashed the lamp, sending red glass spinning around the room. The glass spun with my vision, I saw the room through a crimson vale. Blood was pouring from my leg where a shard of glass had struck it. I collapsed on the floor, sobbing softly into my lap, tears rolled down my red cheeks as blood rolled down my pale skin. I heard hushed voices outside the door, then a frantic clicking and the door burst open. Samantha stood in the door way, then seeing me, broken on the floor rushed over, throwing her bag aside

“Lilly, Lilly are you ok? Did anything happen, is anyone here?” She crouched beside me gently brushing my hair out of my red tear filled eyes. Looking round I saw Lisa, Grace and Patrick all stood in the doorway obviously shocked at the sight of me crying in the corner. Lisa mumbled something to patrick. He took his sisters hand and led her to the other side of the room. Giving me a strange look as he passed, as if I were an exhibit in some lunatic asylum. Then he stopped, let go of his sisters hand and bent down to pick something up. I winced as I saw it was the school gazette and the advertisement was still intact. Lisa looked over, frowning then strode towards Patrick and snatched the paper from his hands. She examined it closely her eyebrows still furrowed, then she reached the top right hand corner and her expression turned to one of sorrow and pity, she had seen the photograph. Patrick's eyes followed Lisa's to the picture of my parents. Then he became bewildered

“Thats Henry and Jade Viola isn't it?” He said glancing at Lisa questioningly.

“Yes,” Lisa replied but she made no further comment only looked back towards me

“The ones who died 9 years ago right?” Patrick asked casually. I cried out as the ache in my heart redoubled as he spoke, nine years, nine years of pain and sadness. Everyone looked back at me. Four faces stared at me, two confused, two full of pity. I turned away I couldn't bare it. Standing I wiped away my tears and left the room  

The End

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