Fred soil yourself

Adam: Heheheh, Fred . . . soil you self!

You blink rapidly in shock!  Shocked at being as small as an action figure . . . shocked that your now towering baby brother was speaking so clearly . . . and extra shocked at what he just said.

Fred: What?!

Adam: you now da littlest bwother!  So you gots ta do what I say!  And I want you to mess yourself!  If you don't . . . 

He grins devilishly as he pats his stretching, brown/yellow, squishing diaper.

You cringe as you can only imagine what a giant mischievous baby might do to punish him . . . but you also have your pride as the eldest of your siblings . . . 

Adam grows a little impatient and slams his pudgy little fist down on the carpeted floor just a few inches/feet from you!

The End

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