The diaper change

You name is Fred and one day you go into your three year old brother Adam's room to change his diaper when you shrink

"FRED" your mom yelled from downstairs. "What" was your immediate response. "Can you go check on Adam I think his diaper is dirty" you mom says back. "Ok mom I can do that" you said pausing Call of Duty Ghosts and walking out of your room.  You walked down the hallway to Adams room. You entered and saw Adam in his crib awake and he smelled. You reached into his crib holding your breath. You carried your brother over to the changing table when he seemed to be getting heavier and heavier. He was almost as big as you were so you put him down on the ground then you realized you were shrinking. You kept shrinking until you were about six inches tall. Adam then looked down at you and said...

The End

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