Ghosts Chapter 8


I pulled up outside the library at quarter past eleven, my heart beating excitedly as I locked the car and ran towards the front of the library. I couldn’t wait to see Luke; I knocked quietly on the glass of the door and saw Luke’s reflection pointing towards the door at the back of the library. I had seen the fire exit before and ran to the back, where the door was unlocked. Whoever locked up at night had forgotten.

“Luke” I said happily, I stumbled in my excitement on the step falling forward and through Luke’s body with a shiver. “s-sorry” I straightened up and smiled up at him. He floated back and forth, a tortured look upon his face.

“It is late. What are you doing here?” his tone was almost cruel and I frowned at him confused.

“I came to see you, obviously” I felt suddenly stupid. Just because I wasn’t happy to see him this morning doesn’t mean he should be cruel now. “Why did you leave this morning without saying goodbye?”

“You were with your –“he broke off, frowning as if he couldn’t think of the appropriate word. I floated past me, avoiding my body as much as he could.

“Tom.” I finished for him “he’s my friend” the explanation did nothing for his expression. In the darkness he looked human, his skin darker and looking thicker than I had ever seen it. The moon light almost reflected into his eyes through the high windows of the gloomy library. A silence fell upon us both, I paced up and down the long corridor – thinking of something to ask him.

“How was your exam? Overall” he asked, filling the silence for me and I breathed with relief. I sat upon one of the circular tables, crossing my legs and watching him.

“The question was simple, I had to access the reasons behind Henry’s dissolution of the monasteries” I shrugged, as usual I went over in my head how I had answered it, suddenly realized I had spelt “ecclesiastical” wrong. “Dang it” I muttered under my breathe, whether Luke heard it or not – he did not ask. “

“How did you get here?” Luke asked suddenly, his voice which was usual distant was louder, and I realised he had moved, his body perched upon the table like mine. For a moment I was too absorbed with how human he looked, I could perfectly and clearly see his eyelashes that looked long enough to cast brilliant shadows beneath his dark eyes. His skin looked corporeal and as though I could touch it.  I wanted too, despite how frightened I should have been. The ache he must feel, that he cannot touch anything must be ten times as frustrated I felt when I tried to hug him with this morning. I bit my lip.

“How did you get here?” he repeated even louder.

“I stole my mum’s car” I admitted with more satisfaction than intended. I had never done anything so dangerous in my life.

“That was probably most unsafe of you” he said, sounding a little annoyed.

“I had to see you” I admitted “I have so many questions that I want to ask you...they were driving me crazy”

“I am at your liberty. Ask me whatever you would like” he stood up and bowed before me.

“ can sit on the floor and on tables...can you touch anything?” I asked, wondering whether he would get the hint that by anything I meant anyone. 

“If I concentrate, I can look as though I am. But I cannot feel or be felt” his sadness was overwhelming for a long second before more questions began bubbling over in my mind.

“were you body buried somewhere near here?”

The End

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