Ghosts Chapter 6

Girls from the lower years giggled and stared at Tom as he walked along side me towards the cafe. It had that effect on most girls and he loved the attention more than he let on. He winked down at a group of ninth years, who all almost collapsed with satisfaction.

“I'm guessing mum will be here in twenty minutes” I said, looking at my watch. Tom jumped ahead of the lower years and grabbed a variety of cakes and cookies from the stand. He payed for it all and sat down on one of the furthest tables in the cafeteria.

“Eat woman” he grumbled to me as I looked over what he had bought. There were chocolate muffins, vanilla crunch and bakewell tarts. I picked up the vanilla and began scoffing it into my mouth as Tom told me about his new girl interests.

“...anyway she’s really pretty but she isn’t that smart...if you know what I mean she’s a bit stupid actually” Tom scoffed half the chocolate muffin into his mouth as I thought over what to say.

His new interest seemed nice enough and from what he told me very interested in him, I could see no down side, about from she was like every other girl Tom had been with – which usually ended with Tom becoming bored, which seemed like a waste of time to me, I shrugged in response and picked more at the crunch.

“Anyway what about you? You got a boyfriend yet?” the way Tom emphasized “yet” made me kick him under the table.

“Ouch” he grumbled.

I contemplated whether to tell Tom that I could see ghosts or a ghost. I wondered whether he would believe me or not. I bit my lip as he rubbed his leg.

“Tom if I told you something would you promise not to laugh or think I'm crazy?”

Tom and I were close; we did tell each other everything. There was no reason why this should be any different.

“Yeah” he answered sceptically.

“ I went to the library the other day...” I began

“There’s a surprise” Tom rolled his eyes and I kicked him again, hopefully not as hard but in the same place. He moaned and scowled at me.

“I went to the library and I think I saw a ghost” I lied a little, taking in his incredulous expression. It seemed that he did not believe me.

He laughed loudly, his pink lips stretching across his teeth widely.

“I'm serious” I said, keeping my tone blunt. “He spoke to me, and I to him and he even came into the exam room today...that’s why I got thrown out” I spoke loudly and quickly realizing how silly it must have sounded to him. He laughed again and I kicked him.

“Stop kicking me!” he demanded angrily “crazy girl” his laughter didn’t stop and I stood up angrily. “Is he with us now?” Tom asked in a voice that was supposed to sound ghostly.

“I'm going to meet my mum” I picked up his bakewell tart and stormed away before his laughter could insult me anymore.

Telling tom was a bad idea, I felt even more foolish for admitting it to him. My mum’s car was parked in the turning circle of school and I ran towards it. My mother never showed interest to my school or my education, my guess would be that she thought it my own responsibility if I wanted to achieve. I got into the car and she began chattering away with me, forgetting the conversation she must have had with my overseer Ms Norman.

The End

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