Ghosts Chapter 5




“There is a boy, talking most angrily to your tutor” Luke’s voice came from behind me. I jumped from the chair, my heart flying up my throat.

“Luke!” I gasped glaring angrily at him “don’t do that! You’ll give me heartache”

He apologised and repeated his first sentence.

“What does he look like?” I sighed a little confused.

“He is tall and handsome in features with messy hair” Luke shrugged and it was amusing to see him take slight annoyance to Tom, who had that effect on everyone but me.

“That is probably Tom” I laughed “he’s a friend”

“There is also another tutor of yours, he has your exam paper and has taken it along with many others”

“Did he have glasses and red hair?” I asked smiling with relief. If it were Mr Holes he would have applied my papers with others and I would still be entered into the examination.

“Your overseer called him Mr Holes” Luke said, he floated happily on the spot.

I jumped up clapping and laughing happily, without thinking I stepped forward and tried to put my arms around Luke. Obviously, my body fell through his as if he was not there and I felt instantly very silly – my body shivered. I tried to laugh it off but Luke looked unconvinced.

He stepped forward and placed his hand onto my shoulder very lightly, so that it looked as though he was touching me, but I couldn’t feel anything. It was overwhelmingly sad that he could never touch or feel anything.

The door suddenly opened and my overseer stepped forward, her face red with anger.

“You will still be entered into the examination” she spat “but if I had my way you would be receiving much more punishment than having your mother called” she shook her head “there is also a boy to see you”

She strutted out and was replaced by Tom who ran his fingers through his mousy brown hair and gave me a high five as he closed the door.

“Getting thrown out of your first exam...who’s a smart girl?” He chuckled playfully ruffling my hair.

“They’ve called my mum” I grumbled ignoring his joke. His face lightened instantly, he liked my mum more than he should.

“Ouch...that’s a little harsh. I told them you would never cheat and they most definitely got the wrong chick but they ignored me until that crone Ms Norman started with the blaming you for everything under the sun” he shook his head lightly and sat on the desk. Tom and I had been best friends since we were ten, he was very popular but never forgot about me as his popularity increased and I stayed more or less the same geek I had always been.

I suddenly noticed that Luke had disappeared; I looked around the room twice frowning stubbornly. I wonder why he had not said goodbye. Disappointed I looked back at tom who was eyeing me curiously.

“So have you got to wait in here? Or do you want to go and get some food? I'm starving” Tom stood up and began ushering me out. The word food made my stomach churn as I had forgotten to eat breakfast this morning in my rush to get ready for school.

The End

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