Two days


When you spend your whole entire life trying to run away from love because it has hurt you so much, it's still ok to burry yourself in its arms if you fall.


"Joe?" Lizzy whispered as I stared at Hayley through squinted eyes.

“Yes?” I asked.

“What is it like when you know you’ve found the one?” She whispered again. I turned to her.

“Can I answer this later-”She interrupted harshly.

“No.” She hissed. I looked down at Hayley.

“It’s like, well it’s better than air. As long as the person you love is happy, then you would sacrifice your life for them just because you love them. You would do anything for them even if you know you couldn’t. You would keep trying for them because you love them. It’s the most exotic, amazing feeling since birth.” I replied then turned to see Lizzy staring at me.

“When will I have that?” She asked.

“When you know you should.” I smiled and she walked out. It had been two days. Tomorrow would be her birthday. She wasn’t awake yet. She was going to die. And I knew it. I tapped her arm. “Hayley wake up…please, please just wake up.” I whispered, in my mind I felt like crying. A pair of beautiful eyelids fluttered open.

“Yes?” She whispered. I kissed her lips and picked her up in my arms, running outside and jumping off of my balcony onto the grass. I ran for her, I ran to the only place that was ours. She was ill and my mother would be worried but I didn’t care. We had to be alone, just me and her. Forever.

I ran through the bright yellow sun and started jogging to a stop when I arrived at the beautiful, old oak tree that I loved so much.

“Put me down Joe, I’m ill I have to go back…”She croaked.

“Do you love me?” I asked looking down at her.

“Of Course,” She whispered.

“Then do this for me.” I replied sitting at the bottom of it with her in my arms.

Night quickly approached as she slept and slept, and I stared and stared at her beautiful face, tracing her magnificent features with my eyes. I wrapped my jacket around her encase she was cold and she snuggled into my chest. When the sun rose and the sky became lightened by a light pink colour, I woke her.

“Hayley,” I whispered.

“Yes?” She smiled and opened her eyes then kissed my cheek.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you.” She whispered back then closed her eyes and smiled as the amazing girl I would always love, died in my arms.

The End

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