I didn't notice how long it had been. It was Hayley's birthday in two days and she wasn't back yet. I sat on the edge of my bed ruffeling my hair between my hands. Where Is she? Then I noticed something.

She hadn't been calling.

I shoved a t-shirt on jumped off of my balcony. In my mind Hayley's name rang constantly around it.Something's happened. Why didn't I know she wasn't calling?!

My bare feet slapped the wet pavements, the rain matting my hair and soaking through my clothes. I ran for her, that was all that I was running for. I knew exactly where Lizzy's home was. I just had to see if she was alright.

My breathing became faster and heavier, I wondered if I would be able to make it. I would for her, any day. Now I wish I was a voice so I could run faster. I finally got there, I was soaking but it soothed me.

I stared at the empty house, then decided to walk around it and see if there was anyone in there. I looked through a dirty window to see something banging in a wardrobe. Was that her? I ran around to the front and knocked on the door. No-one answered so I opened it.

The house seemed quite nice compared to the outside. That didn't matter now. I took a knife from the kitchen and went over to the wardrobe silently.




"Hah!" I shouted opening the door to see a pale, fragile girl tied up with tape over her mouth. She was only skin and bone and her skin was white and blue. "Hayley!" I shouted putting her on the sofa and taking the tape off of her  mouth. She still was asleep so I untied her and was about to walk out when I saw Elizabeth. "What did you do to her." I spat at her.

"A little test." She smiled. "You do know you won't be able to get past me." She giggled.

"I might not be a voice but I have a knife and two fists now you get away from us." I ran up to her and punched her in the face so she fell back on the floor. I picked Hayley up quickly and sprinted out of the door. She would be even colder in the rain. I took my t-shirt off wrapped it around her, running for my life.

She was shivering and her skin was turning purple. She hadn't had any food. I ran even quicker now, when I got back home I could put her in the bath.

I finally got back and banged loudly on my front door. "Open up!" I shouted. Lizzy opened the door, her face shocked to see Hayley in my arms about to die from numonea and me looking like a ghost. "Lizzy get mom!"I shouted. She ran off.

"Mom!!" She ran off screaming. I dumped Hayley on the sofa.

"What is it?!" Mom ran in, a pan in her hand. She took one look at Hayley and dropped everything. "What did you do to this girl?!" She screamed.

"Enough of that you used to work in a hospital what do we do?!" I shouted back.

"She's shivering. She might have nemonia. Take her upstairs and put her in a boiling hot bath. Boiling. I'll get her some food and towels. Go!" I ran her upstairs and dropped her in the bath, plugging it in and turning the taps onto boiling hot water. This would take so long. I took the shower curtain and sprayed her face and body. I tapped her face gently.

"Hayley...wake up!Hayley come on!" I cried. Her eyes fluttered open.

"W..water.Food...heat...Joe..."She whispered.

"Mom hurry up she needs food and water come on!!" I screamed. "I'm here.I'm right here." I whispered to her as she blacked out again. "MOM, NOW!"I shouted even louder. She rushed up the stairs and poured water in her mouth. Hayley grabbed it and devoured it, then she grabbed the food and shoved it all in her mouth. I sprayed all of the water over her.

"Let me do that I'll sort this out just wait on there." Mom ordered me to sit on the toilet seat and do nothing with Lizzy looking worried on my lap.

"I know what happened..." Lizzy whispered.

"Good then tell me because I don't." I replied.

"I can't believe that scandal has my name!" She growled.

"I know. But all I'm worrying about now is if she's ok." I whispered.

"Fine, when she's better she can tell you. Dad's at work."

"Why do I need to know that?" I whispered.

"Because Aunt May died, he hadn't been going to work. It's his first time in a month!"

"Oh." Sadness filled my empty brain.

The End

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