Being away from Joe Is like a fish without water. 

"So where are we going?"I asked Lizzy.

"Well we have to go to where I live, a big forest. Where there are no humans ofcorse. It isn't long away. Lets run!"

She grabbed my wrist as we shot through the air,I didn't have enough time to think or get out of breath. My legs did the talking and worked themselves without me even trying. Eventually after a minute she let go of my hand I slowed down. She led the way into her home.

"Would you like to have something to eat before we start?" She asked politely.

"Yes please." I mumbled. She opened the door to a small house, she lived alone. "Do you live alone?" I asked. I wanted proof that she did.

"Yes I do, but I prefer living alone. I like the quiet." She sighed and walked over to the kitchen, I followed. She opened the fridge. "What would you like?" I bent my head into the fridge to see.

Something caught me off guard. She pulled my hair back and I fell on the floor. Then she kicked me in the stomach harshly. "What are you doing?! Stop!Ow!!!"I screamed in pain as she kicked and punched my body until I was left bleeding on her kitchen floor.

"Joe, is mine. So, when I don't train you...and your dead. He'll have no-one to turn to but me." She smiled wickedly.

"This will never work...leave me alone!" I screamed.

"Oh I think It will." She cackled and took a knife from her back pocket. "Bye-bye!" She laughed.

"NO!"I screamed.

Being away from Joe is like a fish without water. It dies.

The End

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