Elizabeth Woods

"-but you can call me Lizzy." We were in my bedroom and Elizabeth Woods, a voice was here with me and Hayley. We were talking about training.

"Cool that's my sisters name." I smiled and Hayley gave her a dirty look. "So how long have you been a voice?" I asked.

"Obviously I have been a dark voice all of my life, but I have known about it since I was eleven and I knew I had plenty of time to practise my training. With Hayley she isn't as fortunate but I think I could train her in time."

"What type of things would I need to learn?" Hayley asked her.

"Well first of all how to control yourself when you're shooting."

"Shooting?" Hayley wondered as I did.

"When your eyes turn black and the weather changes.It's a nickname for it."

"Oh, what else?" I asked.

"Your strength and speed around humans. You can't give anything away. And controling the minds of others, we'll have to work on that."

"Is that it? Will I be able to learn it all?"She replied.

"Possibly. I'm sorry but you can't be together while training-."

"What?Why?!" Me and Hayley shouted in unison.

"Well first any human contact while training can lead to violence towards the human and the human cannot be protected. Humans being around us have died due to training around them. Voices sometimes can't control themselves, they kill the closest person to them. It's for your own safety." Lizzy looked up at us seriously and we looked at her upset."I'll let you have your good-byes." Lizzy walked out onto my balcony and jumped off of it.

Hayley jumped into my arms. "NO!NO!I'm not leaving you!Never!No, I'm not going." She cried into my shoulder.

"Hayley you could die-"

"It doesn't matter!I'm staying with you no matter what happens. We can't be apart." She cried.

"Hayley.Look at me.Hayley."I lifted her head and forced her eyes in lock with mine. "I need you to do this for me, for us to be together. I love you, and I don't want you to go. But call me every night before you sleep, I'll always be with you. Always, I'm never going anywhere. I need to hear your voice though Hayley, every night. Do you promise me?" Lizzy jumped up onto the balcony.

"You need to hurry, the wind is coming in."LIzzy said.

"One minute." I shouted. "Promise to me." I looked her in the eye. She nodded."I have always loved you, since the day we met." She got up and I did also.

"Words cannot explain how much I love you." She reached up on her toes and kissed me passionatly."Good-bye."

"I love you."

"I love you too."She replied then let go of my hand, and left.

The End

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