Blood, sweat and tears

"Faster,faster,faster!Come on just keep trying!Faster!"I shouted at Hayley as she ran around the field at 70mph, me timing her with a stop watch.

"I'm trying! It's so hard!" She ran over to me, collapsing on the floor,exghausted. "How did I do?" She asked, sitting up. I sat down beside her.

"0-70mph in less than 2 seconds. It has to be 0-80." I sighed. "It's two weeks until your birthday Hayley, we have to keep trying, all we've practised is running, we have to practise the harder ones, controling peoples minds. Come on, get up I'll show you how," I pulled her up as we stood in the middle of the long reeds.

We practised for hours on end. I knew she was trying, I could tell when she occasionally got into my mind and spoke to me and told me what to do. Her eyes would shoot to jet black and her hair would spray like Medussa.

She pushed harshly, fighting against the bubble to get into my head. Her eyes went black every time she got into my head, until at one moment, she had me walking up and down, right and left, flinging me about.

"You have to make me speek Hayley, come on." I said as she forced her body to do so, cringing and flinching but still trying as her hand squeezed mine until it went white, atleast she was practising strength. "Hayley you can do this, I know you can, just keep trying Hayley." I whispered.

"Shh." She said quickly until she fell back to the floor, the weather fine and her eyes back to her beautiful navy blue sea colour. I came to sit down next to her as she cried, burying herself into my chest. "It'," She cried.

I rubbed her hair and back gently, comforting her. "I know Hayley, but we have to do this, for us, for you and me to be together, for you to survive. We need another dark voice." She looked up at me, afraid.

"Where can we get one though?" She asked wiping her nose and eyes with her sleeve.

"We have to look on that website I found when I discovered you were a...yeah and see if anyone knows a black voice who is well practised with. It's the only way, you can practise running and strength while I do it."

"Ok, but we're in this together right?"

"I'm all yours." I smiled down at her.

The End

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