The calling

I awoke to the sun shining on mine and Hayley's faces, she was so beautiful. I kissed her forehead before turning my laptop off and moving my arm to wrap it around her, she snuggled into my chest.

"Hayley, wakey wakey love," I whispered in her ear, she turned over to face me, her face inches from mine. I pecked her lips. "Hayley," I whispered a little louder. She smiled and fluttered her long eyelashes open.

"Yes?" She asked smiling at me.

"You parents will be wondering where you are, we both fell asleep," I whispered.

"Oh!" She said urgently, jolting upright and nocking me off of the bed. "Woops! Sorry!" She quickly got off of the bed and picked me up, we laughed together and sat on the end of it. My mum walked in.

"Good-morning, did you have a nice sleep?" She asked.

"Yes thank-you. Sorry I stayed over without permission, I was just so tired, my parents will be wondering where I am..."

"No need to worry, I called them up and told them, they said it was perfectly fine, you can stay as long as you want Hayley," She smiled politely.

"Thank-you very much Catherine." Hayley smiled at her. 

"Yeah thanks mum, we'll come down for some breakfast soon." I glanced at my clock, it was 10:00am.

"Ok well, I'll leave you two be." She smiled and blushed before closing my door quietly.

"Your mum is really nice." Hayley whispered and grinned at me.

"Yeah, she has moments, well, what do you want to do before breakfast?" I asked. She blushed and looked at her hands which were fiddeling around with the bottem if her t-shirt. I smiled. She wanted to kiss me. 

I took her chin gently and lifted her head up so she looked into my eyes. "Jack what are you?-" I interupted her by kissing her passionately on her warm lips, they were soft and the perfect moisture, she kissed back urgently, leaning ontop of me so we were lying on the bed together. I kissed her neck as she undid my buttons and yanked my t-shirt off, I smiled and pulled her jeans off before sliding underneath her body, feeling her long legs up and down and sliding my hand up her warm waist before moving my lips back to hers. It was amazing, she was so good at this thing, I couldn't stop myself.

I didn't take any more of her clothes off but I quickly ran to my door and locked it before running back to her and kissing her more quietly this time but still forcefully. I couldn't help the ache inside for her and pulled her top off, sliding my hand up and down her back, I was about to undo the back of her bra when she pushed me back gently. 

"Not now, as much as I want to...your family are here, another time." She whispered pecking my cheek. I smiled and sighed before pulling her t-shirt back on and doing up my buttons.

"Sorry." I whispered.

"It isn't your fault, it's just your family are here, they would hear and we have so much to do and re-search. What did you find out last night?" She smiled. I went over to grab some pieces of paper off of the floor before unlocking the door and sitting back down next to her.

"Well, your powers are astounding. A girl like you should be able to control peoples minds, incredible speed, from atleast 0-80mph in less than two seconds and your strength is....well, amazing." She smiled.

"I have to learn all of that?" She asked.

"It's the only way, library, now." 

The End

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