Do you know who you are? My north star silly!

" long have I been one of these 'dark voices'?" She asked fiddeling with her hands as we both looked up at my bedroom cieling.

"I don't really no, but it's crucial. You could die Hayley, do you know that! You could die and it will happen on your birhday!" She looked at me, her eyes shocked.

"Why didn't you tell me before my powers would be all done by now!" She stared at me, more shocked.

"I figured I had to...kiss you and then like you and we could express or feelings for eachother so I could tell you. Are you ok now?" I asked.

"Oh...I guess that's understandable. Yeah I'm good now. you like me then?" She asked blushing.

"" I admitted looking into her beautiful dark blue eyes.

"Dido." She giggled. I leaned in and my mother barged in.

"Hello Hayley! Would you like anything to eat?!" She said excitedley.

"No-thankyou." Hayley replied politely.

"Ok well let me know if you do." Mum smiled before walking out and closing the door. Hayley laughed.

"So annoying..."I muttered then leaned in again as she blushed. The kiss was tense, it felt nice, but tense. She was scared. I would be. You should have the heard what she said before! "My perfect north star." I whispered to her, she smiled.

"Well, we better start doing, my birthday is in three weeks and this is a matter of life or death, I have to tell my parents-" She whispered and I heard rain bang against my windows.

"What!NO!You can't tell your parents!NO!" I whispered urgentley.

"Why?!" She replied.

"Because they will be so worried!!We can't tell anyone about this! Understand?No-one!" She sighed before nodding. "Come on we'll go to the libary and local bookshop and library and we can go on my laptop." I replied grabbing my laptop and leaning against my bed pillow as she fell asleep on my arm. I rubbed her hair and kissed her forehead.

I loved her, I had to do this.

The End

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