It's the tomorrow of the tomorrow of the tomorrow of the day after

Things changed after that, she hated me, detested me. But I had to talk to her somehow to appoligise to her.

"Hayley-." I walked towards her, she was sitting at the end of Old Oaky, drawing love hearts on her hand. She intterupted my appoligy.

"I broke up with Mitch last night," She looked down, smudging her drawings with a tear.

"Oh.I whispered, sitting next to her and putting my arm around her, rubbing her hunched shoulder. "Why?" I asked.

"I knocked on his door, and his mum said he had a friend round but I went in anyway, I opened his door and the girl I sit next to in English was having sex with him." She cried loudly as I stared down a her, shocked.  Many words churned around my head, like bees stinging everywhere. No, like wasps, bees die if they sting you. The words screamed at me.

How could he do that!

The idiot!


That is so horrible.

Why can't I smack him one!

I 'wanna slap that girl from English!

The little player!

How could he do this to her?

Many more wrapped around my head until it exploded. It was...It was...horrifying.

"Hayley I'm so sorry. He must be stupid If he does that to you." I cuddled her warm body, I knew I shouldn't but we both new it was different now. She hugged back tightly, nearly hiperventilating. i let go.

"Breathe Hayley. One in, one out, inhale, exhale. See?" Her breathing slowed gently and she hugged me again.

"i' Joe." She whispered.

"I know, I'm sorry to." I echoed. She gentley lent back from her tight hug and placed one hand on my neck before leaning in, her pale face smiling. Her cheeks became a rosier color and I could feel her warm hand burning my neck and face. We continued until it was the right time to stop. I finally leant back and took a deep breath.

"Hayley." I whispered.

"Yes." She replied faintly.

"What are you?..." I asked, not finishing my sentence. As much as I loved kissing her, she wasn't right. She didn't look the same, she looked ill. "How long is it 'till your birthday Hayley?" I asked holding her gentley at the waist. She wobbled and laughed.

"3 weeks!" She giggled and I gasped. Really? How could something go so fast! "What's wrong?" She smiled and laughed before leaning in for another kiss and I pushed her away. She looked at me sadly before smiling and laughing again, falling on her back.

"Hayley your a dark voice!" I shouted. She jolted upright. i felt the wind on my cheeks and seeping through my hair. It was time. 


The End

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