The plan

While organizing myself this morning, I new what I was going to do. If she fell in love with me, and realised how kind and sensitive and smart I was then she would fall in love with me and dump her boyfriend. Result.

 I messed my hair up a little and dressed in my normal jeans that haven't been washed in a while because I won't let my mum wash them. I wore a dark brown, short sleeved t-shirt and a few surf bracelets and shoved on my blue converses. I ate my breakfast quickly and charged out of the door. Every morning I would have to see the agony getting worse in my fathers face. He was getting paler and circles were under his eyes and his usual hair was all messy and is work clothes were stained. He wasn't dad any more.

While walking to school I was in deep thought. I don't really love Hayley, I'm just pretending I do, the sooner I fall in love with her the sooner she'll realise who she is and learn her powers. I knew what I would do today.

I wasn't frightened of her, her horrible jet black eyes, that was quite scary but I wasn't that afraid. I know she would never hurt me. She was kind and caring and pretty....o.k I've lost the plot. Just keep your head in the game Joe, you know what to do. Don't fall for anything. Just keep looking forward and you'll start it all off in English.

2nd period came quickly and soon I was rushing off to English class. We met at the door. "Hello Hayley." I grinned and winked at her, she blushed.

"Hi Joe." She smiled back and we walked together to our seats at the back.

"You look lovely today Hayley." I looked up and down at her green snakeskin boots and stripy socks. She was wearing a ripped denim skirt and a tight top with tokyo cartoons all over it. Her hair was up in a bun with chopsticks in the back.

"Thanks, you to." She smiled, looking away and brushing her fingers through her fringe. She concentrated on her work after that.

"Are we going to Oaky today?" She asked politely, looking up at me through her mascared lashes, fluttering them.

"Sure, I think because I've done enough portraits I'll do some comics and you can be my main character."

"Awesome," She replied.

The day ran quickly, at lunch I saw her with her boyfriend, I was better looking than him. I sat with all of the gyes, mucking about and laughing and cucking grapes at eachother. It was funny.

I sat at the bottom of the Oak tree, Hayley tightly next to me. "You can be Hayley, the sagaii girl warrior and I can be Joe the ninja." I chopped the air with my arms and she laughed. I went back to my drawings and smiled down at them. We chatted a little. When she was quiet and looking at my drawings I stopped.

"Please don't react harshly to this." I whispered as I slowly took her chin and leaned in for a passionate kiss. She took the back of my head and ruffled my hair, her other warm hand on my cheek. Her lips tasted of orange lipgloss and smelt like peppermints. She reacted passionatley also, moving her hand on my cheek to my ice-cold neck. I slided one of my hands down her back and along her thy, dropping my book and sliding her leg around my hip. I kissed her neck alot and she kissed mine until we both kissed each others lips she gentley pushed me away.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered taking her bag and running away.

"Wait, it was my fault! Hayley!" I shouted. She turned in the reeds.

"I just don't feel right." She whispered but I heard her clearly. She ran again until the reeds covered her whole body and she was impossible to see.

I picked up my bag and looked at the jogged drawing on my sketchbook from the urgent kiss. Maybe I did the wrong thing?

The End

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