I'm a no-one, she'll never like me

I lay in my bed, staring at the dark cieling. I didn't go to the tree. I knew that tommorow she would suspect something and ask me but I didn't go. It was my tree and she stole it. My tree. Mine.

I knew I was being immature about this, I knew I was being mean and cruel. She was a lovely person, but her and her little boyfriend would probably be there snogging right now. I cringed.

I hated her. I hated every part of her. But I loved her to. I expected her to just run away with him and never speak to me. But we were friends now, to her we were, and I couldn't hurt her.

The wind whowled in my ears and I jolted upright. She was looking at me through my balcony doors, her hair wild and her eyes fully jet black. Her hair and dressingown were blowing in the wind. She immediatley stopped and rattled on the door.

"Let me in it's freezing out here!" She shouted. I stared at her blankly. It was true. She was one of...something. Something not joined to the human race.

I stared at her for a while until she noticed and stepped away from the door, hurt plastered cross her face. I quickly got out of bed and opened the door.

"What was the glare about?" She asked rubbing her arms and sitting on my bed while I closed the door. I stood infront of her.

"I didn't glare!" I whispered angrily.

"Yeah..o,o,o,kkkkayyyy." She shivered.

"Stay here, I'll go put the heating on." I whipered. "And shh!" I said quietly running silently into my hall and turning on the heat before coming back in and closing the door.

"Thanks." She whispered getting into my bed and pulling the covers over her.

"No problem." I smiled at her. "So how did you find my house?" I asked.

"I knew you wern't going to come today, so I followed you hhhoomeee." She shivered again. I walked over to her and hugged her tightly, rubbing her back. "What arrree yoouuu doinggg?" She shivered.

"It's body heat. It'll get you warmer." I smiled and I could tell she was to.

"Well, I came bbeacauseee I wanted to knoww if you could draw another pictureee of meee? For mee not for my boyfriend." She asked. 

"Ofcorse." I got my sketchbook and began. Who was I kidding, I couldn't stop! I figured she would like me If I acted overly-friendly. And then I could tell her she was a dark voice and she woudn't die.

I faded in her hair as I drew her, whenever the wind howled I shut my eyes tightly so I wouldn't have to see the jet blackness of hers. She would ask what I was doing when the wind stopped.

We talked and laughed a little and talked about family, friends, school, her boyfriend." What's his name?" I asked politely.

"Mitchell, I call him Mitch though. He is so kind and sensitive and smart...." She went on.

"What does he look like?" I asked when she'd finished.

"Brown hair like yours but It is curly, quite tall, big pink lips, dark long lashes and navy blue eyes." She looked up at the cieling and smiled at it while I looked back down at my sketchbook.

"So....is he better looking than me?" I asked. She looked down at me.

"Do I really have to answer?" She blushed and I looked up.

"Truthfully." I said looking back down as she looked out of the window.

"You are a little more then him. But he understands me and I rate him for who he is not how good looking he is. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah I know." This way she would think I'm the sensitive one. "All done." I said showing her the drawing. She gasped.

"Woah, it's...it's...." I laughed at her.

"Is it good?" I asked.

"No it isn't." I looked down ashamed. "It's fantastic!" She whispered excitedly. I smiled.

"Thanks." I replied. I glanced at the clock 4:00am. "If you don't mind Hayley, I think you'll need your beauty sleep." I laughed and she laughed with me.

"Ok. I'll see you tommorow in English." She gave me a tight hug goodbye and walked out, closing the balcony door behind her. I could of swore I saw her blow a kiss at me. I smiled as I got into bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The End

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