Doubt haunting you

I woke up, got dressed and left with only a swig of orange juice and a cereal bar, without a good-bye for my parents or my sister.  I carried on walking, faster and faster until I arrived at school ten minutes early. That annoyed me. I hated beeing early. I decided to go to the library and go on the computor. I re-searched something on

This is what I typed in.

What happens if a girls eye's change colour and the wind changes?

I was being stupid but I had to find out what was going on. Many things came up.



The dark voice of the haunted

I looked at the last one. Could Hayley be...a witch? I clicked on the website and found many different things. I clicked on eye coloures and weather changes.

Many people believe that they have seen young girls eyes change colour, straight to jet black. It is unbelievable but they make the weather change. Wheather they make it freezing cold on a sunny day or the clouds turn very dark and cause the wind to howl. This only happens to young girls at the age of 15 or 16. It runs in the family.

Back in the old days, they would burn old women who looked like witches. Now If you have seen a young girl to this happen, the witch has put a curse on them, it would have to be the only daughter in the family. This curse runs until they discover their powers and know how to use them. If they don't discover who they really are and who put a curse on them, they could die after atleast 16 years of age.

I'm not calling these girls witches. These girls are called dark voices. If anyone has seen a girl like this, please contact me or write me an email and we can discuss this. Many people think this is a  joke, it isn't. This, is what you call the real world.

I stared at the print in disbelief as it started to blur and the words pulled out of the computor and danced around me. Dark voices? No that's not possible. It's a trick. A scam. Something to make you buy something. Anything but this! Hayley can't be cursed. She can't be.I'd talk to her today.

In English she came over and sat next to me, her friend gladly sitting next to the boy I have to sit next to. Hayley chattered on and on, all of the way through English. I took the oppertunity when she was quiet for a minute.

"Ami?" I asked looking at her seriously.

"Yes?" She smiled looking up at me from her English book.

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" I asked.

"No, I'm an only child. I have been the only girl in the family for centurees!"She said giggling. "I do wish I had a sister though, it wold be fun." She went back to her book and started writing in her orange pen. Her writing was so neat and beautiful.

Hayley was a dark voice. But how could I tell her. I had to fall in love with her. Then she would pour her heart out to me, and I would do the same. Wow, a dark voice. Pretty cool name. Now, I have to sort out her boyfriend.

"Ami how old are you?"


"When is your sixteenth birthday?" I asked.

"Three months." She smiled at me. Itt said on the website that at the age of 16 the girl will die. I had to do this quickly. Or she could die. This, could turn out horridly.



The End

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