Old Oak is where the magic happened

I sat at the tree drawing the girl that smiled at me a week ago. I had been drawing ateast 5 drawings of her. She was so pretty though, I couln't stop. I would see her every day In English, I hadn't ever seen her before, maybe she's new. She would smile at me every day and the girl next to her would always make a disgusted face.

I looked over the tall reeds as a figure was walking towards me. It was a girl. She had thick, long brown hair and was wearing a pair of black converses. Her brown leather dunlop bag was bouncing on the back of her spotty blue skirt and her green kirtis the frog t-shirt was blowing sideways in the wind. It was her.

She walked up to me, throwing her bag on the grass and sitting cross legged infront of me."Hello." She said smiling. I looked up at her from my sketchbook, confused.


"My name is Haley," She interupted me.

"Joe." I looked down at my book. She looked at the reed sin the wind."So are you new? The only time I've seen you is in English." I said.

"Most people ask me that..." She whispeed looking at the grass she was playing with in her hands. "No, I'm not new. I was in set 1 for English but apparently I'm "not smart enough" so they moved me down a set and now I have to sit next to the awful wiked with of the west." She signified the slutty girl she sits next to in english. "I'd rather sit with you." She looked down again, blushing.

"Same." Did she want to be my friend? I looked back at my sketchbook.

"What are you drawing?" She asked coming up and sitting next to me. I pulled my sketchbook away.

"I'm doing homework." I lied.

"In a sketchbook? Just let me see Joe!" She climbed over me grabbing the book then sitting back down next to me. I sighed.

She flipped through continuus pages before looking at the one I was still working on. "This is me." She said rubbing the page.

"Yep, can I have it back now?" I asked trying to grab it. She jerked away.

"Can I have it?My boyfriend would love to see this." She said smiling down at it. I sighed. Ofcorse a girl as pretty as her would have a boyfriend, how could I let this happen.

"Sure...why not." I tore the page out and gave it to her, putting ym scrapbook in my bagpack and walking through the reeds she stood up.

"What? Why are you going so soon? It's only just been the end of school! Please stay." She looked at me dissapointed.


"No good-bye?" She asked reaching her arms out. I smiled and walking over to her, giving her a tight hug."Will myou be here tommorow?" She asked excited.

"I might." I said walking away again. She picked up her bag and ran to walk next to me.

"You could so a picture of me! I could model and you could draw me after school tommorow!" She said jumping up and down.

"I'll see you tommorow." I hung my head and walked quickly, trying not to walk with her. When I looked back I saw her, standing in the reeds, motionless with the drawing in her hand. I stopped and looked at her. She was frozen. "Hayley?What are you doing arn't you going to go home?" I shouted. She just looked at me. Atleast ten metres away.

Her eyes suddenly shot a full black and a burst of wind shattered through the trees and reeds. It made me fall sightly. Her eyes changed back again. "OFCORSE I WILL! see ya tommorow Joe!" She shouted smiling at me and walking off in a different direction. I looked back at her shocked.

Did she even know what just happened? Did she? The colour of her eyes were so...disturbing. Knowones eyes change fully black! Her whole entire eye, black! And how the wind suddenley changed. She was frozen! I carried on walking, thinking about it all of the way home. What if she is ill? What if she isn't human? What if...I stopped thinking. She is normall, maybe I just saw it. It was nothing. Absolutely nothing. She was normall just like you and me. Was she?

The End

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