Happiness is the key, but to what door?

"My sister was a wonderful woman, smart and beautiful. It was just her action that made her die. She drank alchohol alot at the age of 15 and started smoking at 20. Sadly, her loss for lungcancer due to smoking, caused her to die quite a painful death for all of us here. I love my sister very much, I didn't want her to die, she treated us all with such high respect and thoughfullness, I sturggle to let her go. Thankyou." My father said as he stepped down and let my sister have her speech.

The rain was hitting my face hard and soaking my suit and hair, it was making me very cold but it didn't bother me. My mother was persistant about letting me under her extravagent black umbrella but I just simply shook my head. She got to the point of high stress and just shoved my under the umbrella. I sighed listening to the faint sound of my sister.

"Arn't you cold Joe?" She asked.

"A little." I replied, shoving my hand through my fringe again and shaking my hair. She sighed.

"You always were the odd one, ever since you were little." She smiled looking back up at my sister.

"-And that is why i love my aunt so much, she was kind and caring too me and Joe, and to all of us." She said smiling and coming back down under mums umbrella. Mum put her arm around Lizzy and smiled down at her.

"Come on then, lets go, we'll see you later Will." My mother said, pushing us along and kissing dad on the cheek. As we walked back to the car, I thought about making a speech. I loved my aunt som much and her death has torn us upart. It was horrible.

Dad didn't cry, but you could see he was hurt by the expression on his face. Whenever you talked to him he would rpely slowly in a monotone voice. I couldn't bare to look at him like this.

School was slow, every day after it I would sit under the old Oak tree, in sun or rain, in heat or cold. Continuously drawing anime comics or doing homework. After about 2 hours of that I would come home, my parents thought I was good at sport and thought I was doing an afterschool cross-country club. Guess what? I lied. Every day I would sit, drawing mostly but doing homework also.

I'm not going to lie to you obviously, but yeah I don't have that many friends. I have a few, mostly gyes but no girls. Even when girls do ask me they always say,

"What do you think of the weather?" It's plummeting down with rain.

"I love it." I would reply smiling, ruffling up my hair. They would look away disgusting and say goodbye. I didn't have an girl friends. Only gyes. Girls looked at me and smiled in the corridors but never really talked to me.

I wouldn't say I'm a geek or I'm really clever like one of those child geniuses but I am alright. Set 2 for mostly everything which isn't for remedials and isn't for smart asses or stuck ups.

I'd say I'm pretty good looking, alright compared to some other gyes at school. I had just started year eleven, which is the top in my school and I would end in a year, thinking about my plans for college.

It was morning, and I was getting ready for school like any other day. I walked down stairs and ate my breakfast, looking at my father who was pale and had all of the happiness drained out of him and my mother smiling at me all of the time sympathetically.

My sister would smile at me too, but not hw way my mother did. She would smile at me and her smile would say,"I know how you feel about Aunt Mey, you never though about her before until now. It upsets all of us too, we just have to move on. I like your music by the way." The last bit I just added on but the rest is explaine din her face.

I left for school, walking in my navy blue jeans and underground shoes and my tarten long-sleeved t-shirt witht he sleeves rolled up to my elbows. I was wearing a few braceletes and my hair was messy but cool as always. It wasn't raining, but it was foggy and cloudy,about to rain, I had an umbrella in my back that I new would be unused but it was there for my mothers sake of me getting a cold.

I enjoyed walking to school. It would be the only time I was alone. I didn't like big crowds of people. Especially at school. It made me sub-concious of people looking at me or thinking in their minds, "There's the freak." I hated it. My shoes made scapring and squelch sounds on the pavement as I slowly arrived at Cleveland High School.

Sorry I didn't tell you, I live in Portland, Oregon, In the United Stated of America. Yep, I'm American, big woop.

I went straight to English, sitting in my usual seat in the back next to knowone, I didn't like sitting in the front, you have to answer alot of questions.

A young girl about a year younger than me dressed in an imazingly crazy outfit turned to smile at me a I ruffled my hair, I grinned back at her and she blushed. The girl next to her whispered, she was the sluttiest girl in the school and turned to look at me, disgusted.

Why couldn't anyone be like me? Like me for who I am? It was horrible to have girls look at you and think in there minds "Freak, idiot, annoying, retard, 'bloomin hot but so weird!" I just wanted to be normall for once.

The End

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