Ghosts with dark voices

When 15 year-old Joe's aunt may dies of lung cancer, his family are heartbroken. He has knowone to talk to and isnt really the most popular of the crowd in school. He has always been quite good looking but people found him strange to be around with his ubbsession for rain, anime and mix and match clothes. He falls in love but the girl he falls in love with dosent understand about his aunt may and how he is feeling.

As the rain plummeted down onto the hard, black tarmac, I stared out of my open window, The breeze gently blowing around my face and the scent of it on the the tarmac drifting slowly up my noes. I loved rain, it made me relax if I was mad. Only me could see the peace in it, the tranquility, the happiness of it all.

I slowly but swiftly brushed my hand through the front of my hair, my fringe coming back and flopping back in the front afterwards. I  walked over to my balcony, throwing my shirt on my bed and walking out to stand in the rain bare foot with only my sweatpants on.

It hit me harshly, soaking my hair and sinking into my skin. My sweats were getting soaked and heavy and started to fall down. I shoved them up just bellow my belly-button quickly so knowone would see. My mother ran into my bedroom, throwing a towel on my head.

"Get inside Joe! Come on, the funeral is in a hour." My mother said urgently, pushing me inside as I ruffled my short hair with the towel. She walked out closing the door to let me change. I walked back over to my balcony and closed the doors before walking over to my window and closing it, listening to the faint sounds of the rain.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you. My Aunt May had just died. I didn't want to think about her death, It was sad. I just kept my mind focused on rain. My father was downstairs, it must have been horrible if your sister had just died. Heartbreaking.

After I was dressed and my hair was only lightly damp, I picked up my guitar and played a little bit of snow patrol on my bed, singing softly to the tune.

"I hang my coat up at the first bar, there is no peace that I've found so far, the laughter penetrates my silence, as drunken men find frozen science." I sang quietly.

My sister walked in and sat on the end on my bed, watching me. I payed no attention to her, she did this as often as I did. She liked my music, I could tell because she would always come in when I was playing my guitar. I didn't really like the song I was singing, but she did and it was a peaceful song. She smiled at me. I winked at her.

She was only 13. That is pretty young, it must be tough for her. Me and my father haven't spoken yet, I'm the only other man in the house, so we should be able to relate. He hasn't really spoken to anyone that much. Even my mother. Or the dog.

I looked out of my window and finished with the last few strings. Lizzy walked out. I smiled at the door as she left before looking in the mirror, scruffling up my hair and closing my door with my ipod.

The car travel was quiet, I kept my eyes out of my window, my mother kept her eyes on my father, Lizzy kept her eyes on her gameboy and my father kept his eyes on the road. Our family wern't talking very much, it was quite good for me, I liked the quiet, but it was a little dissapointing.

When we were atleast 15 minutes away my mother turned to me and Lizzy, we imediatley took our headphones out and looked at her. "Right, us three are going to walk back to the car when they show her body, I don't want that to be your last memory of her ok? Dad will stay there and come back when she is fully buried. Have you done your speech Lizzy?"

"Yes." She replied smiling happily. I wasn't doing a speech, partially because I just didn't want to, and because I'm not too good with crowds.

"Ok well we will talk about it there." My mother turned away and looked out of her window, a sad expression planted on her face and watered freshly. Me and lizzy both placed our headphones and went back to what we were doing.

I was wearing black trousers, a black blazer, a white blouse underneath and a long black tie. I had a feeling, that this would be an upsetting day.

The End

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