Back to the Future

I was overly energetic on the way home, but was feeling drowsy by the time the walk was over. Exhausted, I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep.


The next morning, I hurried to school as fast as I could. Martyn was sitting at his table in the library with another book when I arrived. “Do you know anything?” I asked him, throwing down my book bag and sitting in a chair.

Martyn put down his book. “I haven’t seen him,” he replied slowly.

“I’ll look around,” I said, standing suddenly and slinging my backpack over my shoulder before hurrying away, barely able to conceal by nervousness. The halls were filled once more with students. I tried to listen to what people were saying for clues, but the noise was far too loud to pick out more than a few words from specific conversations. “Excuse me,” I said, pushing through a wall of people into the center of a large group of chattering students. “Do you know where I could find-”

“Lily!” came a voice from behind me. I recognized the voice and quickly turned to see Glen striding towards me through the crowd.

“Glen, you’re here!” I exclaimed, delighted.

We had succeeded.

He enveloped me in a hug. “The strangest thing happened,” he started. “I found a note in my pocket yesterday that was written in my handwriting, but I don’t remember it at all.” He looked into my eyes. “It talked about you,” he told me.

My face burned. “Did it?” I asked weakly.

He linked his arm through mine. “I can’t say I understand the note, but I’m going to do what it says. It made me realize something,” he told me.

“And that was?” I prompted, still confused.

He grinned at me. “I’ll tell you later,” he said as we walked down the hall.


I’ll start off by saying that there is too much to tell in a letter. You might not understand this, but take these words to heart.

Think of the car crash around this time last year. In a different timeline, you were sitting in the passenger seat and were killed in the impact. I’m writing this from a different future, one that I’m hoping to change.

I told the girl, Lily, that I needed to live because there was something that I had to do that could only be accomplished in the living world. This thing was that after you died, she was the one person who truly showed her melancholy and mourned you. She loved you. I needed to live because after being with her in this state for almost a year, I realized that I loved her too.

Don’t waste this chance. Seize every opportunity and take advantage of them. You don’t know when that all might end. I sure didn’t.

Watch out for Lily. She risked her life to save yours, and if that doesn’t show true devotion then I don’t know what does.

The End

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