Ghosts of My Brother

Arisu had always had close ties with her brother. But once tragedy struck she finds herself surrounded by her fears and imaginary people. But are they imaginary, or real?

Sitting indian style on the cold dark wood floor is how we spent our days. Our matching bright green eyes were what we would stare at all the time. We played games with our hands, smacking them together in all sorts of ways. Entertaining each other was simple, and every rainy day never brought us down. Not even with being stuck in such a dreary house with a very busy father. 

We were twins, my brother and I. We were almost identical. Our dark brown hair caressed our faces, while mine flowed down to my knees his stayed spiked on the top of his head. We both had pale skin from the lack of sun, and perfectly matching faces. Both at the age of fifteen, we lived life hand and hand. 

The girls loved his dark and mysterious stature. They dreamed of him and flashed smiles in his direction while batting their eyes. I felt sick to my stomach, and every time would scoot closer to him. I protected him from their undesirable ways. While most guys found my connection with my brother unappealing. They found my matching dark and mysterious character scary instead of desirable. 

My heart was crushed many times by them. And when such things happened, my brother was there to hold me in his arms and take away my pain like magic. He would whisper my name into my ear and followed with shh-ing sounds. He was stronger than I was. I was a weak little girl, while he acted as the tough older brother. No girl ever bothered to mess with me, mostly because he wasn't afraid of anything, and they wanted him to adore them like they did him. Yet he never showed interest. He was too busy loving his other half to care. 

'Arisu,' He muttered one day while we sat out on the porch swing in the rain. 

'Yes, Issac?' I asked, looking at his sorrowful eyes. 

'I think I've fallen in love,' He croaked. His eyes fell down into his lap, as he refused to look at my expression. I blinked slowly and grabbed his face and made him look up at me. 

'You've fallen in love?' I asked, a little peeved. 'Are you even aware of what you're saying?' 

'Very,' He chuckled. 'I've found a girl that made my heart melt, Arisu. She's wonderful, and sweet and full of life. She like the sun, and I am her moon.'

'Are you sure?' I asked, feeling my eyes burn. 

'Positive,' He assured me. 'You must meet her. She's made me the happiest I've ever been.' I felt my heart sink. I know I couldn't match up to any girlfriend he had, but I was his sister, his blood. 

He then spent every waking hour with her. She sickened me. I guess if I were to find love I would understand. But I refused. I felt empty alone. We were always attatched to the hip, and now we had been separated. I hated her with everything I had in me. I wasn't going to stand for her taking him away from me. Issac was mine.

A week later I found myself standing in the rain, watching her cry on the sidewalk. She looked up at my with red eyes, balling. I felt nothing as I kept the water from hitting her head. 

'He really said all of that?' She mumbled, heartbroken and weak. 

I nodded slowly, my seriousness always present. She took out a notepad from her backpack. She scribbled in it as I looked over the edge of the bridge and down at the water. I smiled to myself yet kept my sick thoughts down. She tore the paper out of the notepad and handed it to me. 

'Give that to him for me,' She said with sorrow running through her words. 

I looked down at the letter as she ran off into the rain, begging for a taxi. It clearly read:


I'm leaving town. I thought we had something, but I'm not so sure anymore. Don't look for me. I'm never coming back, its better off this way. This is my goodbye, and I hope life treats us well. 

With love. K

He read it with tears swelling in his eyes. I hated seeing him cry but it was worth it to have him back. I felt devious, but it was too easy for me to do. I couldn't just walk away from a perfect opportunity. 

Yet he didn't take it well, and instead of having my wonderful brother stay with me everyday and having things return to normal he went through a depression. He wouldn't eat. He wouldn't speak. He would sit in the windowsill all day until he fell asleep. I felt guilty for tearing him down so, but I couldn't reason with him to be happy. He had been hurt and wouldn't let it go. 

Finally he moved. But only to hang out with one of his guy friends who encouraged him into going on a car ride with him that night. It was said to storm terribly, but Issac didn't care. So he went ahead.

The whole time the two were gone I sat in his windowsill, thinking. Maybe he knew I did something. Maybe thats why he didn't listen to me. He wouldn't take anything I would give him, yet when this guy talked to him he was all for changing. Yet I watched in sheer terror as the sky turned to the darkest gray ever. Sure days here were always gray and rainy, yet the sky lit up in flames of electricity, and tears shattered into the ground. My father didn't seemed phased that his son was out in this. Yet I was worried. 

I grabbed my jacket and slid on my boots and ran out into the rain and down the street. I called out his name as I ran. I slowly started to loose my breath but was too determined to stop. My hair stuck to my head as the rain smashed down into the earth. The sidewalks started to flood and I felt myself slip many times. 

Snap! A tree smashed into the ground right before me. I rubbed my eyes and tried my best to jump over it. I continued my way along, barely dodging many more trees. Finally I reached the bridge where I met with his girlfriend. It was there I saw a car, with Issac's friend tearing apart its passenger door that was crushed in. A large tree from the end of the bridge managed to smash into the car while they were driving. 

With tears running down my already wet face, and ran up to him. I looked into the car to see Issac's bloody face. His eyes were closed and he didn't seem to be moving. My body trembled. 

'Arisu!' His friend screamed.

'Blake, what...' I tried to speak but he quickly stopped me. 

'I'm so sorry,' He cried, grabbing ahold of me in his arms. He was wailed and I couldn't help but start to as well. 

'It can't,' I chocked. 'No...'

'I'm really sorry Arisu, I tell you I am! This is all my fault. I feel awful. I swear.' He hugged me tighter and my tears, along with the rain, stained his jacket. 

What had I done? 

The End

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