Tarkov (Dyerz)

I walked down Time Square and saw most of the people looking at a massive TV screen. I looked up, to see a pale, blond man with glasses and pages glued to his face say "hi everyone. How would you like for someone to write what your future will be?! I know, it won't be boring. Everyone will play by my rules, starting now. Even if I tell Old Granny to eat her grand children. If you don't play by my rules, I will start killing people. Today, though I will keep things simple." The camera zoomed in on a whiteboard and a man tied to a chair. He walked to the whiteboard and pointed at three bullets. "My first rule is, is that there are no rules EXCEPT MY RULES! Rule nuuumber two, everyone follows my story. Rule number 3, you don't follow my rules, then I will become an antagonist and destroy this city. Oh, by the way, you can talk now. Please, don't be shy." The hostage started to move his mouth, chunks of flesh falling of. "Please, please..." "dont worry, of course I will make a meat pie for your family! That is, if you still have a family. You aught to have asked for my manuscript!" "Please, don't hurt them, don't, just... kill me, not them." "Now you're talkin. Don't worry, I will. Now, freaks of New York. Two rules will now be given. One, there is a safehouse for all of the normal people. I want them found, or people will start dying. As for the second one, guess." He threw a chair at the camera and as it tipped over, a blood curling scream filled the air. The feed went blank, and a news report came back on.

The End

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