Ashton: The Hideout.

I wake up in the morning, the sun shining through the curtained windows. I get out of my bed with my key ring in hand. I walk over to the next door down and I unlock it, then I go to the next door and unlock that one. I continue this with the rest of the doors in the house.

Afterwards I go downstairs and fix myself some cereal, I eat it, Froot Loops.  I look in the cupboards to see if we're missing anything, and see that we're a little low on jam. So, I go to the bootroom, put on my shoes and I walk out into the busy streets.

I walk down the street to a small corner store and I walk around, getting some jam and other supplies while I'm here. When I have everything I need I go back to the counter, and I put everything down. Then, I search my pockets for a wallet and quickly produce one. I hand it to the clerk.

"What's your power?"

I look into his eyes, then my eyes dart across his body, looking at various signs and movements to tell me, give me a glimpse, of what he is thinking.

"You're scared of your boss, he's been getting to close to you and you think somethings up."

The clerk snickers, accepts my money and hands me back the items.

"Have a nice day."

I sigh, in releif as apparently that was a good answer. So, I go back to the hideout, away from those people with powers, because I have none.

The End

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