There is a hideout (Dyerz)

The man had stopped attacking Randy and decided that he had lost my trail. Now, he is in his apartment watching "Oprah". Funny, I have never followed a gay kill squad member before. They usually get a sock stuffed down their Esophagus or lit on fire. Must be a pride thing, nobody wants anything to taint their elite status when they're on a kill squad. I guess they really are human when you come down to it. The man switched the channel. What am I going to call him? I'll call him Opah Heseh. 

This is going to be a long night, especially while prone. I shifted, grabbing a pencil. I looked at a piece of paper, filled with drawings of a layout of his apartment. Drawing a few lines, I slowly made a plan to get into his apartment and disable him quietly. 

The man went to bed as the sun started rising. Chuckling, I stood up. I looked around at the city, amazed that this roof hadn't been sprayed yet. Concrete feels much better then the squishy styrofoam that all of the freaks love so dearly. Less maintenance for them, doesn't look or feel right.

My body moved down to the bottom of a stairwell, down a hallway and into a street. Holding a pizza box, I casually made it into Opah's apartment building. Moving silently, I got up four flights of stairs and to his apartment door. My fist pounded on the door. A deep groggy voice answered "who ever it is, I'm not interested". I yelled "sir, I have your pizza." "didn't order any." I added "sir, a man ordered it for you, it's free of charge." "Well, leave it outside my door!" "I can't, as he stated that you are a goverment official. By law, I may not leave food substances in an area where you can not watch it or I might get charged with manslaughter." 

The floor creaked and pounded. A minuted later a few locks slid back and the door opened. The man looked at me with disgust, not smelling anything. Smiling, sweat poring down my face, I fired a dart into his neck. He stumbled back into his apartment and fell down to the floor. Breathing an air of relief, I put the dart gun back into my pocket. Walking into the room, my hand closed his door. Oprah whispered in the backround "that really sucks, do you usually have issues with reporters?" 

The End

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