Tarkov (Dyerz)

I walked out of the TV shop, waving to the clerk. Time Square was now empty, leaving only garbage and a few injured cats. No lights were on, a dark moonless night. I stopped, the Kill Squad just let me go? They didn't check all of the stores? I should be dead right now.

I walked down the 7th avenue, until I reached Central Park. A homeless man looked at me, fresh urine on his sweater. I lit a cigar, inhaling the smoke. I walked to him and asked "hey, do you want a cigar?" "Yeah, sure." I gave him the cigar and asked "what's your name?" 'Randy".  I pointed at at a tree. "Okay Randy, I'll give you a lighter and some cigars if we trade sweaters at the tree." 

I'm a fair ways away and hiden. I'll be good. I took out my camera and zoomed in. A large white man walked to Randy, his back to me. He yanked Randys hood of, spinning him around. Randy tried a meager punch, only to get thrown into a bench. The man yelled something incoherent. Randy put his hands up, getting of the bench. The man followed Randy. My camera zoomed in more onto the man, face now in view. My camera started clicking with each shot. Wait, that's the same guy who's been chasing me since I got here. Why is he tracking me? No one else knows why I'm here. No choice, I have to take this guy.

The End

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