Tarkov (Dyerz)

In Time Square, half of the crowd looked at a massive TV. On it, a close up of a man's face. He yelled "you may not shelter normals in your home. We, are an evolution, and as an evolution we deserve freedom!" He continued with his speach.

I looked down, moving through the crowd. Behind me, a kill squad. I bumped into a blond and she grabbed my shoulder. "Hey, were you at the Purge concert?" "No, excuse me." I made it two steps farther before she stepped in front of me. "Are you sure?" Well, at least my backs to them... "no, I-" "you're wearing the hat." I clenched my fist. "Oh, yeah, I was." Shivers went down my back as a Kill Squad member bumped into me. The girl moved her blond hair out of her eyes. "What's your power?" Frigin blonds, they have the worst timing. "I can't tell you." "Oh, you don't feel... intimidated by me, do you?" Rage washed over me. "No and I think that you're a twenty year old whore, that likes to hang around public places hoping to get laid." Her eyes opened wide. I pushed past her, dissapearing into the crowd. Sweat started dripping of my forehead.

I walked into an empty TV shop. The clerk looked at me and asked "sorry, legally I have to ask, what's your power?" With a straight face I stated "I can tell Hitler what his gas bill is." The clerk looked blankly at me and burst out laughing. I tried laughing "hee, ha, ha ha ha". He suggested "oh, I got one. A jew, a fat guy and a normal walk into a bar..." I sat in a seat beside his desk, pretending to like his jokes.

The End

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