Who it was.

...but of course it had to be locked. 'Wait, don't leave, please.' Whipered an angelic voice from behind him.

'Who a-are y-y-you?' Luke slowly turned around.

'Me? This is my house, well my parents but they've moved. I died when Iwas fifteen in a car accident.' The girl sobbed quietly remembering the day of her death.

'What's your name though?' He had grown fond of the girl after only two minutes talking to her. Her flowing black hair and violet eyes made him shiver... in a good way.

'My name's Alexa, and you?' She was staring right at him.

'I'm Luke, nice to meet you!' he smiled at her.

'Nice to meet you too. But do you not find it strange I mean I am dead. I'm a ghost.'

'No it's not strange. I have always believed in ghosts it is very cool to meet a real ghost.'

There was an awkward silence between them as they looked at each other and studying each others behaviours. Neither of them knew when the other was going to say something but the both of them knew it was going to be a very strange time they would be spending together.

The End

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