Ghosts aren't real...

This story is about a boy. His friends tell him to go and get something and he bravely accepts their challange. He meets a girl and a journey starts...

'I'll do it,' that's what Luke said to his friends a week before walking down a dark and lonely path. The full moon shone and was his only light as he trembled down the long winding road. He couldn't believe he was out in thunder and lightning after his dad died when he got struck by some lightning, he refused to go out in it. He heard something howl and he ran down the road incase the thing that howled came after him.

Suddenly something came into view, a big dark mansion. He squinted to look at it as the full moon was covered with clouds. The windows were smashed and the curtains were flowing in the wind. He text his friends to see if this was were he was meant to enter.

'Hi, I think I have just found a house or mansion. I'll send  you a picture to see if it's were I am meant to go.

Luke took a picture and sent to his friends along with the text message. He got a text back really quick.

           Zane and the gang.'

Luke slowly walked towards the house. The doors opened, as he got close, he thought whether to go inside. He moved as slow as a snail but something grabbed him and pulled him in, the suddenly dissapeared.He was int he front room of the house. He could have turned back and ran out the door as it was still wide open, but his impulse led him on. The door slammed shut as he got further in. That's it, he was alone in a mansion in the dark. Then he noticed a candle flickering and he looked to where it was shining from. 

He saw something flutter by him. The thing chased after him  as he ran for the door...        

The End

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