GhostGirl Prologue

Let me take you back to a time where there was still good in the world. Where you could have faith in the justice system and not have to worry about the monster coming out in the night. The sky was bright, hopeful for a new tomorrow. Slowly, everything began to change. Where times were changing and money became everything, power hungry criminals took a stand and stole what they wanted. Only, a new breed of criminals were being born. Ones you can truly call villains. And this is where my story begins. My father took a stand against the darkness, a true knight. And of course like many others, he lost his life. 


His name was Jason Wynter, and he was the best father in the world. He was a scientist, lab technitian. He anaylzed evidence, breaking cases left right and center. He was a silent hero to the public, but he was a everyday real hero in my eyes. Him and my mom met in high school, sweethearts for ages. My mom Laura Wynters was a teacher. Shaping the young minds of the future. She was a woman of patience. Whenever I would get frustrated with homework, she would sit down with me and explain it. Even if it took 100 times of explaining for me to get it. I try not to think about the last time I saw them, or how I never see them anymore. 


Anthony Salavintore, Italian Mobster, The Don killed me softly. I would never allow myself to feel emotions or attachment again. He attempted to cover up his sloppyness by paying off my father. And him being the honest man that he was refused. He had proof that the mayor was taking bribes from criminals, allowing people to look away to get there product in from the city. 


Now that I think about it, the days before my family was killed we were being followed. All of us. I could feel someone glaring into my back, and saw shadows in between trees or doorways. He had marked us, and there was no going back. The night they came for us, we had the typical family night. Ordered out pizza, rented a movie and watched it together. My brother Micheal and I played a few rounds of goldfish. Its hard to believe that moments before, we were all smiling and laughing. We were an average happy family. 


Just before they kicked the door down, me and Micheal were playing hide and seek. I hid in my usual hiding spot underneath the staircase. I could hear him calling me, while my mom and dad were on the couch watching television when the door flies off the hinges. I remember shouting and shuffling. 


"Where are the files Wynters?" 

"I won't tell you Vinnie. I won't be a sellout like the rest of the city." My father argued.


After that I closed my eyes and covered my ears. I tried to imagine myself in a different place, were we were all together and happy like moments before. 


*Bang Bang Bang*


My heart racing I hold my legs as close to my chest as I can. I hold my hand over my mouth to make sure I don't make a sound. I heard two men arguing before leaving the house. I hear the car roar to life and they disappear into the night. I push the door open slightly and peek around to make sure it was safe. I walked into the living room and see my mom and dad tied up to the dining room chairs. I run over in my nightgown and try to untie the ropes. But no matter how hard I try, I couldn't. I was too little. 


I picked up my dads face, "Daddy. Wake up." I pinch his cheeks. I look over to my mom and shake her shoulder, "Mommy. Daddy won't wake up. Help me mommy. Help me." I shook her. 


I remember the painful feeling of warmth forming in my eyes as the tears began to fall. I never did find Micheal. I heard cars pull up and run back to hide under the stairs. I huddled to myself and cry silently. I hear unfamilar voices shuffling across the hardwood. I lean against the door when it opens. I shuffle to the back of the space under the stairs and try to make myself as tiny as possible. I remember thinking if I cant see them that maybe they couldnt see me. 


I hear a woman shout that there is a survivor, she swept me up quickly and I was being examined by a doctor. I didn't speak until I saw a familiar face, Frederic Barnett. He came to the police station the next morning and hugged me right away. I clung on so tight to him that it hurt. He rubbed my back quietly knowing no words would bring me comfort.


After that, its all a blur. Apparently shock can make you lose time like that. Frederic Barnett was appointed my guardian, as wished in my parents will. He was there oldest friend so it was only natural they entrusted me to him. He visited frequently on holidays. He didn't have a wife or family, so he had no problem moving and changing his job location. He originally worked for the FBI as a behaviour analysist. But he became the local police profiler. 


I was put under a protection order, and my last name became St.Claire. The house was sold, the money given to families in crisis. We couldn't risk having it traced back to us. My parents left me a trust though, my grandfather owned a large enterprise apparently. 


We moved into a loft in the heart of downtown, and for the most part I was home schooled by a teacher that would come daily. While Frederic works the house keeper Rosemary would watch me. When I turned twelve I began taking martial arts and weapons training courses. Just to ensure myself that I would never become a victim again. I became a pro by the age of sixteen in all my classes. 


Since my parents were killed, the city has crumbled. And everywhere is a hell hole. People being robbed, killed, and kidnapped left and right. And it seems as if the police are helpless, stuck in the dark. Nothing to believe in, no glimmer of light. 


Have we been swallowed by the darkness? Is there really no sense of hope? 

The End

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