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The baby shower was very sweet and very generous, and Egon and Janine fought to find room for everything in the baby room.
There was a row of colourful, soft toys along one shelf, and Egon had chosen a solar-system themed mobile to hang above the cot ("That's for you rather than baby, isn't it?" Janine had told him, grinning).
When it came to decorating the actual room, neither were partial to a traditional colour-scheme. They didn't know what gender their baby was, but had agreed on a pleasent, bluish-purple. The colour had just 'spoke to them' as they wandered about the local paint store, and Egon picked it up without thinking into it.
Then, they brought home and painted the room together.
At random moments in the firehouse, they called out baby names to each other, which amused the other Ghostbusters.
"Violet," Janine said out of the blue one coffee break.
Egon paused, a cup of tea almost at his lips.
"'Violet's' beautiful," he agreed, his eyes twinkling.
"She will be, and she'll be brilliant, like her father," Janine added, kissing his cheek.
Egon had had a really good day. They'd caught plenty of ghosts, all without a hitch, made a nice amount for the firehouse, and no one had gotten slimed. Not even Peter.
Then, the unthinkable happened.
Egon came home to an unusually quiet house one evening.
"Janine? Are you in?"
He looked around but couldn't find her. She wasn't in the living room or kitchen.
It was as he made his way upstairs, he heard the crying.
He began to work out what had happened without realising it, but his body tried telling him. His legs felt like they were wading through mud, and his heart began to thump.
The bathroom door was ajar, and Janine could be heard, sobbing, inside ...
Egon pushed the door open and his worst fear was confirmed.
Janine was wrapped in a towel on the floor, her face in her hands. She was flushed crimson with distress, the tears streaming.
There was blood everywhere.
She had been in the bath when it happened, so it looked a hundred times worse.
Egon felt as if the world had ended as he knelt down and hugged her.
She hugged him back.
Janine had had a miscarriage.

A few months later, New York - Presbitarian Lower Manhatten Hospital, on numerous alternate appointments with the midwife
Janine: "When your husband's a Ghostbuster and you're expecting twins, should you ... panic?"
Egon: "When is a child old enough to introduce a P.K.E metre?"
Janine: "Am I worrying too much or too little about my ... everything?!"
Egon: "Is it ok to soothe a crying baby with positively charged psychokinetic ectoplasm?"
Janine: "What kind of a mum should I be? What kind of a dad does Egon want to be?"
Egon: "I'm not going to overwork any more. I want to work with Janine as part of a team, and engage with my kids. I want days where I stay home to feed them, wash them, play with them - Oh, that reminds me - How many toys is too many?"
Janine: "Is it normal to crave really weird things?"
Egon: "I hope they'll be scientists when they grow up ... or just read the books,"
Janine: "Am I being naive, believing we'll be fine? Am I not putting enough faith in us if I worry we might not be?"
Egon: "As long as I don't overwork ..."
Janine: "So long as I keep my temper ..."
Egon: "I'm already ghost-proofing the house,"
Janine: "I'm already fantasising about holding them for the first time!"
Egon: " *cries* "
Janine: "Am I being - "
Egon: "- overly protective?"
Janine: "Not protective enough?"
Egon: "Over-excited?"
Janine: "Overly analytical?"
Egon: "Paranoid?"
Janine: "Anxious?"
Egon: "Smothering?"
Janine: "Hormonal?"
Egon: "Silly?"
Janine: "Really looking forward to it,"
Egon: "I'm really looking forward to it,"
Janine: "And all parents-to-be go through similar things,"
Egon: "I'm so proud I'm going to be a dad!"
Janine: "I'm so happy I'm going to be a mom!"
Egon: "I'm madly in love with my wife,"
Janine: "I'm madly in love with my husband, but -"
Egon: "But ... can I - be -"
Janine: "Will - I - be a -"
Both: "Good parent?"

The End

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