Ghostbusters - The Spengler Family

Ever wondered what the Ghostbusters lives are like between busting ghosts and answering calls? Let's go, now, into the minds and hearts of Dr. Egon Spengler, and secretary Janine Melnitz. This is an intimate insight into their personal life, as they step into the brave new world of love and loss.

The day Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz got together was almost the end of the world. In hindsight, Egon regretted leaving it until the last minute, but, when you have a world to save, priorities matter!
The fate of Earth had been threatened by a Class Seven entity. 'Class Seven' was the ghostbuster term for immortal beings, like gods, terror dogs, and demons.
This particular threat was The Devil himself, and he had been raised by a powerful grimoire, a magic book named the Raouskinna. To prevent the book falling into the wrong hands, the author had cast a protection spell on it. Egon had been fascinated by the Raouskinna for years, and it was the reason he invented the P.K.E metre in the first place.
After Satan was busted back to Hell, Egon and Janine embraced and kissed, very glad to be alive.
Now, Egon found himself facing a very different fear: How to be a great scientist, Ghostbuster, and a good boyfriend?
The finer details of what passed between Egon and Janine when they became an item remained secret, for Egon was a very private person; nevertheless, he admitted to Janine he felt jealous when she dated other men. Naturally, she stopped and ended her relationship with her current boyfriend.
Although he had made it look easy, Egon had found it hard voicing his feelings for Janine. Years of not responding to her flirting made it tougher to do so, but, Egon had a much bigger reason for holding back: Back in 1984, Gozer had got his revenge for being banished back to his own dimension when the Ghostbusters defeated him. He did this by erasing everyone's memories of something enormously important to Egon, everyone's memories that is, except for his ... and he didn't talk about what memories those were.
He promised himself he would tell Janine what happened, one day.

Discussing inner-most thoughts had always been bottom on Egon's 'To Do' list, and (much to his trepidition), was the first thing Janine believed would grow them as a couple.
She assured him he could talk to her about everything, day or night. She wanted to be his friendly ear. His shoulder to cry on. His soul mate.
She was fascinated with what went on in his head.
What were his parents like? Had he had a happy childhood? What got him into ghostbusting? And why had he taken so long to come round to her?
She didn't want to appear pushy, however, and so she put him at ease.
"Zero pressure," she said, sweetly, putting her hands on his shoulders, "You decide what you want to tell me and when. At any point you want to stop, you can. For now ... " -She kissed him- "Gimme some sugar, Dr. Spengler, I have a sweet tooth,"
Over the followíng week, Egon couldn't stop smiling, but Janine, who had been in love with him for ages, was nothing short of euphoric. She sighed and smiled, and found every opportunity to phone him from her desk, even during work in the firehouse. They flirted and cooed sweet nothings like walking cliches, not one jot embarrassed for it. Peter, Ray, and Winston grinned at each other when they caught them at it, and it was all Ray and Winston could do to stop Peter teasing them or playing pranks.
Once, he snuck a jar of mood slime into the lab just before Egon returned from the bathroom. When Janine crept in during their lunchbreak and surprised him, the thing fizzed like shook-up pop, and erupted into a bright-pink explosion. Cupid-like angels burst from it, fluttering round the room and showering them with confetti.
The angels weren't ghosts, but placid Class Sevens. They couldn't bust them, of course, as they were harmless, and after Janine opened a window, they flew outside of their own accord and phased through the plane of existence.
Janine was too happy to be annoyed with Venkman for this, and they both laughed about it afterwards.
At the end of the day, after the others had left, Janine and Egon would call a cab and spend quality time at Janine's home. They repeated this for a week or so, yet despite deep conversations, candle-lit dinners, and the most intimate of all moments, Egon couldn't bring himself to open up.
He just didn't want the bubble to burst, he was so happy.
Yet, he remained tight-lipped even when Valentine's Day came round and they exchanged gifts.
Janine bought Egon his favourite chocolates in a heart-shaped box.
When he gave her his gift, she was amused.
"It's a colour-coded chart of hormones," she said, smiling and raising one eyebrow.
"They're the feel-good hormones my brain releases when I'm with you," Egon said, sweetly.
Janine raised her eyebrows. "They are?" she said, softly.
She hung the chart up on her bedside wall.
She was moved by his gift, but a tad disappointed he hadn't used Valentine's Day, of all days, to open his heart to her.

The End

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