Ghost Stories- real encounters

this is an account of mine and others actual encounters with ghosts or haveing ghost sightings !!!!

In one of my previous dwellings there were strage goings ons. We could hear someone running up and down the stairs and something kept moving the decorective tiles that hung on the kitchen wall. This though only happend on one half of the house and one night i saw a dark figure on the landing outside my room he never enterd because i was in the half of the house he never went thank God. After we moved out the strange goings on started in one half of our next door neighbours house (who is a friend of mine) and rappings and scratching started on her bedroom wall and a prescence was felt but again only the one side of the house.

Also in that same house an old lady appeared to my little brother at the end of his bed he was too young to be scared about it he only mentioned the old lady to mum. Apparently only one night did she visit him we think it was his great grandmother who had only just passed come to say goodbye.

The End

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